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Watch The Curious Case Of This Grown Man Who Is Trapped In A Child’s Body

By Jatin Sharma, 17 Apr 2017


You people must have seen Brad Pitt’s Curious Case of Benjamin Button, in which his character starts to age in reverse order. He starts from an old man like baby and goes on to age in reverse. The condition is known as progeria and it causes children to age faster than normal. However, there is one more mysterious illness which has caused 3 people in the world to be trapped in a toddler’s body.

These 3 people have had a normal growth rate mentally, but their physical growth hormones just didn’t kick in when they should have, and now they are adults living in a toddler’s body. One such unfortunate soul is Manpreet Singh from Punjab and this is his story.

1 Meet Manpreet Singh

Manpreet Singh is a 22 year old man living in the body of a 3 year old. He lives in the Ramditte Village in North India. He stands at 23 inches tall and despite his mental development; he still looks like a toddler. However, he suffers from a mysterious illness which has left growth stunted and he cannot talk or walk properly.

Her mother says that she and her husband was not able to have kids during the initial years of their marriage and after many treatments and medicines, she became pregnant with Manpreet. However, Manpreet was born after spending 10 and half months in his mother’s womb, which is one and a half months more than normal gestation period for an adult female.

Meet Manpreet Singh

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