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Two Starving Lions Found Moaning In Hunger and Half Beaten To Death by Russian Hotel Owner

By Andrew Alpin, 17 Jun 2017


In one of the most appalling and disgusting incidents of animal cruelty, two emaciated lions were found in pain and agony in a Russian Hotel. The lions were observed moaning from hunger and the Russian owners were using them as a tourist attraction. The two starving lions found in a Russian hotel were purchased on the black market and are a glaring example of the rampant black marketing of endangered wildlife.

1 Lions purchased by hotel owner to attract customers

The two lions had been purchased by Hotel owner Russian Kirrill Babenko to promote his business. The animals had been starved, beaten with metal rods and abandoned in the hotel. According to reports, the owner got wind of a raid against him and has since then fled to India.

Lions bitten to death in Russia

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

2 The animals were found in deplorable conditions


One of the lions was found by authorities in a cramped cage while a lioness was found in the owner’s bedroom. When teenagers found the animals they were shocked to see that they were dying from starvation in the abandoned Moscow hotel. They then sneaked in meat pies and spam to feed the lions.

lions found starving in russia

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3 The Lions had been beaten by a metal rod

When authorities found the cats, they found several wounds on their bodies inflicted from beatings with a metal rod. Babenko had purchased the cats on the black market but had already fled Moscow several weeks ago abandoning the property. The teenagers said that the Lions were groaning and moaning from hunger.

The Lions beaten by rod

Image Source: www.yimg.com


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