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14 Titanic Survivors and Their Stories of Survival

By Bincy Joseph, 24 June 2018

The great crash of Titanic ship is no less than a sad story that the world will remember for years. The ship was hit by an iceberg, and still, there are lots of myths and stories about the reason of sinking of the ship. Some say about the speed of the ship; some blame the height of the ship and some the weather conditions. The actual reason was hard to find can be said as bad luck for the sailors who were on their voyage on the Titanic ship. Out of the 2224 passengers, only 700 passengers managed to survive and became the heroes of the great sink. Here are a few of them who survived despite being on board during the wreck.

1Richard Norris Williams

Richard Norris was a tennis player, he and his father were travelling in titanic and remained calm during the crash. His father died due to a steam pipe that fell on him, but somehow Richard managed to get in a boat. He further got into the banking industry and died at the age of 77 due to emphysema.

Richard Norris Williams

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2Actress Dorothy Gibson

Dorothy Gibson along with her mother was travelling in Titanic from Paris. When the ship broke down, they were lucky enough to get into boat number 7, but to their fate, the boat had a hole and started to sink. Somehow they managed to cover up the hole using clothes and managed to save their lives. Dorothy was offered to act in a film which was based on the crash of the ship in which she acted wearing the same clothes that she wore on the day of the accident. She, later on, quitted her acting career and started working in an Opera.

Actress Dorothy Gibson

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3Noel Leslie

Noel Leslie was a philanthropist, and she played a significant role in steering the boats to safety. She also comforted a newlywed woman whose spouse was lost during the crash and emerged out as a heroine of Titanic and achieved success in making the boat back to shore.

Noel Leslie

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4Michel and Edmond

The two orphans Michel and Edmond were travelling along with their father, Michel. Their father pretended to be a widower but in actually was a divorcee who divorced his wife and had a plan of taking away his children without his wife’s consent. When the ship sank, the children were put in a boat by their father with a note for his wife. It was hard to find the relatives of these children for a long time, but later their mother saw their pictures in a newspaper and came to take them back home.

Michel and Edmond

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5Violet Jessup

She was a stewardess in White Star Line cruise ships, and it may be surprising for you to know that this woman has survived three ship crashes namely Olympic, Titanic and Britannic. She later died due to heart failure at 83 years of age.

Violet Jessup

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6Mrs. Molly

Do you remember Mrs. Molly in the movie? Actually, she was never called as Molly but was a name given to her in the movie. She was originally Mrs. Margaret Brown who was travelling in Titanic from Europe to New York to meet her sick grandson and hardly people knew that she was out there in that ship due to her quick decision of meeting her grandchild. Mrs. Margaret survived because she was put up in a boat while the ship crashed. Later she became the chairman of the survivor committee and did all she could do to raise up funds for the needy people. She died at the age of 65 due to a brain tumour.

Mrs. Molly

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7Eva Miriam Hart

Eva Miriam was on the voyage with her parents, during the crash her father managed to put her and her mother on a boat to save their lives. Her father’s body was never found but she and her mother survived, and she became a singer in British conservative party. She later died at the age of 91.

Eva Miriam Hart

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8Joseph Bruce Ismay

Joseph Bruce Ismay was the man behind the construction of Titanic ship and managed to get in a boat when the ship was sinking. He couldn’t see the ship sinking thus escaped and was trolled for fleeing from the ship despite women and children still being on the ship. He did at the age of 74, and when he was alive, he donated money for the families of the dead sailors.

Joseph Bruce Ismay

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9Milvina Dean

Milvina Dean was just two months old, and it was her first voyage when she was travelling in Titanic with her parents and brother. They were not originally going by Titanic but were transferred to this ship due to a coal strike. Her father managed to save his wife and children but lost his life. Milvina was the last Titanic survivor and died of pneumonia.

Milvina Dean

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10Fredrick Fleet

Fredrick was the first one out of the two people who spotted the iceberg at first. He also managed to get inside a lifeboat and survived. This man went on to commit suicide in 1965 reaching the condition of depression.

Fredrick Fleet

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11Harold Bride

Harold Bride was one of the men who managed to convey the message to other ships for helping out the Titanic survivors. He went under waters when the boat collapsed and somehow saved his life by holding on to a boat.

Harold Bride

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12Masabumi Hosono

Hosono was the only Japanese passenger in the ship. He managed to sneak himself in a lifeboat and saved his life. Further, Hosono lost his job on reaching his country and was shamed by the countrymen. He died in the year 1997.

Masabumi Hosono

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13Charles Lightoller

Charles Lightoller, he was the officer who applied the ladies and children first rule during the time of the wreck and let seats go empty without accommodating male passengers out of aggression. But when the boiler of the ship exploded, he was dragged into the water and saved himself by clinging on to a boat.

Charles Lightoller

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14Lawrence Beesley

This man was a teacher, and he took on a voyage in the Titanic ship taking a break from his current job. He was in his room when the ship crashed but managed to land ion lifeboat 13 to save his life. He also wrote a book named “the loss of the SS Titanic” after he returned back home.

Lawrence Beesley

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