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The Man Who Traveled From The Year 6491 Has Passed The Lie Detector Test

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 5 June 2018


Time travel is a concept which has intrigued and made us curious for a long time, especially now as we are witnessing time travelers coming out in open and declaring their existence.

Time travel means traveling between different points in time, whether in past or future, using a hypothetical vehicle known as Time Machine. Many people have claimed that they are time-travelers; however, this concept has gained popularity more because of movies and fictional books. Scientifically, it has not been proven that time travel really happens but theoretically, traveling in future is possible as per special relativity and general relativity.

1Meet James Oliver – The Time Traveller

There have been many people who have claimed to be time-travelers and the latest one is a person named James Oliver. He claims that he is a time traveler from the year 6491. He has come from another planet and his time machine has broken down because of which he is stuck on the Earth in 2018.

Meet James Oliver – The Time Traveller

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2Appeared on a YouTube channel passed the lie detector test

The alleged time traveler appeared on Paranormal YouTube channel ApexTV in which he gave answers to many questions asked by the presenter and also allegedly passed the lie detector test. The faces of both the presenter and Oliver were blurred and as Oliver answered each question, word TRUE was seen on the screen but the camera never showed the screen of a laptop to reveal the complete results.

Appeared on a YouTube channel, passed the lie detector test

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3His job


James tells the presenter that he is a part of an alien research agency which focuses on the history and culture of human race. He also says that they are constantly searching for new planets, eco-systems and species and sometimes they hit the jackpot when they actually find them. He also claims that there are many species that are more intelligent than humans.

His job

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4Story resembles with a movie’s story

His story resembles with the story of the movie “Back to the Future” in which the hero got stuck in 1950 after he was unable to get a fuel source required to start his old DeLorean car, which is the time machine in the film. The hero of the movie got help from his scientist friend; will James also get help from someone?

Story resembles with a movie’s story

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5His accent and time machine

The presenter started the show by asking him whether he is an actual time traveler, to which he replied in positive. He may have been saying that he is from another planet but his accent can be termed as odd British accent and when he was asked about the whereabouts of his time machine, he simply refused to divulge details in this regard.

His accent and time machine

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