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The Man Who Traveled From The Year 6491 Has Passed The Lie Detector Test

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 5 June 2018

Time travel is a concept which has intrigued and made us curious for a long time, especially now as we are witnessing time travelers coming out in open and declaring their existence.

Time travel means traveling between different points in time, whether in past or future, using a hypothetical vehicle known as Time Machine. Many people have claimed that they are time-travelers; however, this concept has gained popularity more because of movies and fictional books. Scientifically, it has not been proven that time travel really happens but theoretically, traveling in future is possible as per special relativity and general relativity.

1Meet James Oliver – The Time Traveller

There have been many people who have claimed to be time-travelers and the latest one is a person named James Oliver. He claims that he is a time traveler from the year 6491. He has come from another planet and his time machine has broken down because of which he is stuck on the Earth in 2018.

Meet James Oliver – The Time Traveller

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2Appeared on a YouTube channel passed the lie detector test

The alleged time traveler appeared on Paranormal YouTube channel ApexTV in which he gave answers to many questions asked by the presenter and also allegedly passed the lie detector test. The faces of both the presenter and Oliver were blurred and as Oliver answered each question, word TRUE was seen on the screen but the camera never showed the screen of a laptop to reveal the complete results.

Appeared on a YouTube channel, passed the lie detector test

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3His job

James tells the presenter that he is a part of an alien research agency which focuses on the history and culture of human race. He also says that they are constantly searching for new planets, eco-systems and species and sometimes they hit the jackpot when they actually find them. He also claims that there are many species that are more intelligent than humans.

His job

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4Story resembles with a movie’s story

His story resembles with the story of the movie “Back to the Future” in which the hero got stuck in 1950 after he was unable to get a fuel source required to start his old DeLorean car, which is the time machine in the film. The hero of the movie got help from his scientist friend; will James also get help from someone?

Story resembles with a movie’s story

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5His accent and time machine

The presenter started the show by asking him whether he is an actual time traveler, to which he replied in positive. He may have been saying that he is from another planet but his accent can be termed as odd British accent and when he was asked about the whereabouts of his time machine, he simply refused to divulge details in this regard.

His accent and time machine

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6Details about his planet

When James was asked about the planet to which he belongs, he said that his planet is farther from the Sun than the Earth which is why his years are different from the years at the Earth. However, he also said that there are many talented mathematicians on their planet who are working day and night to calculate the relation between the years of their planet and other planets that they research. He said that as per those calculations, he is from the year 6491.

Details about his planet

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7Global warming will be a big threat

He warned that global warming is going to be a very big issue on the Earth in the coming future as it will be getting warmer and warmer. As per him, the Earth is on a geological warming period and the man-made emissions are going to make the conditions worsen. In the present time also we are feeling the wrath of global warming to a good extent and even if he had not told us, we know that it is going to be a bigger problem in future.

Global warming will be a big threat

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8Are you listening, President Trump?

When the presenter asked James as to what steps America should take to fight the menace of global warming, he said that America should not only reduce its carbon emissions but also get back to Paris Treaty. We are doubtful that American government is going to give any importance to his suggestions but still a lot needs to be done to control global warming.

Are you listening, President Trump?

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9He has alien friends

When he was asked whether he has met any alien in real, he said that he has met many aliens personally and has many aliens as his friends. He told the presenter not to judge the aliens too quickly. He also referred to the presenter as an alien when he said that technically at present also, he is with an alien.

He has alien friends

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10What about the future USA Presidents

James Oliver may have talked about a lot of things freely but when he was asked to reveal the names of the future USA Presidents, he simply refused to disclose it as answering this question may create problems. When he was asked what he misses about the future, his answer was his family and friends.

What about the future USA Presidents

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11A federation similar to UN

As per James Oliver, there will be fights between the humans and the other species but there will be a federation like UN which will take care of the matters and restore peace in the world. Other than this federation, the countries will be having their own governments and individual leaders.

A federation similar to UN

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12Siri is the future

If you are aware of the Apple iPhones, you must be knowing about “Siri”, the virtual assistant. According to James Oliver, everyone will have his/her own artificial intelligence system which will be called Siri in the future and it will recognize its user by voice recognition. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Siri is the future

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13His prediction about Yellowstone volcano

James earlier predicted that the very second Yellowstone volcano gets erupted, a massive amount of ash will be released in the air and if someone drives or fly through such ash storm, the engines of transportation vehicle will be damaged. In simple words, he wanted to convey that there will be no air travel as the Yellowstone volcano erupts.

His prediction about Yellowstone volcano

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14All time travelers say almost the same thing

There have been many individuals who posed as time travelers and try their best to prove it but are we really convinced with what they said? Almost every time, traveler talks about flying cars, artificial intelligence gaining more importance, humans fighting with aliens and global warming but this is what we have already seen in movies and we know about it, don’t we?

All time travellers


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15What is your opinion?

Well, if you visit YouTube, there are many individuals who are trying to make people believe that they are time-travelers but do you think that it is really possible? Have you ever faced any such situation in life or anyone in your loved ones is a time-traveler? Do share your story with us.

What is your opinion?

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