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12 Things You Should Avoid Doing If You Want To Start Making More Money



The literary giant, Sir Bernard Shaw once quipped that “idlers” who didn’t do anything but still belonged to elite rich people’s clubs and keep getting richer. Hence the adage, “wealth creates more wealth” comes in to being. This statement is true even today. It’s an accepted rule that wealth disparity is widening while farm workers and factory worker keep getting poorer, the rich keep getting ridiculously richer.

Make a change in your life now by listening to the advice of rich people

If you slog day and night on a salary that doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere, then it’s time to make some decisions. Here are 12 things that you should avoid if you want to get richer, things that may be holding you back from earning money. This advice has been compiled by research on biographies of businessmen, science, and advice from personal coaches. 

Advice of rich people

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1 Underestimating yourself and your professionalism

In the book by Barbara Stanny Secrets of Six-Figure Women, she says that there are many common factors that link women who don’t earn a lot. They are usually satisfied with small salaries and are not in the least bit ambitious to grow further. They have an inherent complexity that they cannot manage greater responsibilities. They grossly underestimate their potential. They even downplay their past achievements as a fluke instead of being proud. The low self-esteem prevents them from growing in their position because they think they are just not good enough. This is a result of this tradition of paternalistic tendencies prevalent in many countries still to this day and age! 

Underestimating yourself and your professionalism

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Women need to build more confidence about their abilities


It might sound a bit hypocritical but women can learn the tricks of the trade from male counterparts who attain their goals because they usually overestimate their abilities. If this confidence rubs on ladies, they can also follow their goals to a great future ahead. 


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2Working for free

In the book 13 things that mentally strong people don’t do, Amy Morin writes that working for free means you aren’t professional. All your time, knowledge and qualities are being used for a company’s profit but not your own. Unless in an exceptional case, why would you do this kind of job? To work for free for someone and ignore years of knowledge and training isn’t only degrading your abilities but is very insulting as well. Besides, even in the probation period you are working full time and contributing to the company’ so that’s why never accept any sort of exploitation by working for free. All work should be justly remunerated. Yes, you do get experience, but in return, you also provide manpower and successful business ideas on the table. And most importantly you are bringing revenue to the company. 

Working for free

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Say no to unpaid work

So say no to any unpaid probation job with confidence and assert yourself. If you truly believe that the probation period is giving in-depth knowledge of the system, you might accept the offer but once you are well-equipped with the operations of the company, make sure you get satisfactory remuneration as well. But in anyways probation period should be paid too. 

Say no to unpaid work

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3Afraid of asking for a promotion


For female employees’ public relations are too important and they secretly wants everyone’s approval, be it their colleagues, peers or their bosses. Just in order to be in good books, it’s very hard for a lady employee to negotiate about promotion or salary hikes even if they know they deserve it. The matter becomes worse when your job responsibilities keep increasing but the remuneration does not because it’s where the exploitation begins. Women are always ready to bend on backward to accommodate every demand made by their superiors. Quit being scared asking about your just dues with confidence. According to a survey, it’s best to negotiate on the first half of a Friday rather than popping the question on a Monday morning, lunchtime or morning coffee breaks. Also, the personality and nature of your superiors too which has to be kept in mind before approaching them. 

Afraid of asking for a promotion

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