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Enjoying a Sweeter Life With The Right Air Filters

By AK, 9 July


In modern homes today, we can't underestimate the importance of living healthily. The happy cackle from the laughter of our loved ones is melodious music we don't want the DJ to stop. Sadly, all these can be threatened when illnesses come in.

One paramount determinant of the health of your loved ones is the interior air quality in your home. This is why you undoubtedly need air filters to enhance your HVAC system. The air filter is one illustrious invention that continues to baffle many.

There is widespread curiosity about how it works and what the heck it does. Let us assuage that curiosity here.

1So does that your ingenious air filter work?

Air filtration is quite a simple process. Basically, it occurs when air is transported through a conditioning unit and then dispersed through an enclosed space.

Now, let us assume you are in your lovely car. The air filter works by purifying the air in your car, thereby preventing a scenario whereby debris, dust, dirt constantly penetrate your engine. Also, these filters prevent pollutants like dirt, dust, and pollen from invading your heat vents in your car.

Good, now let us alight from your car and move to your home. How do these filters work there? Well, the process is not that different from the way it is in your vehicle. Here is your home, the air is transported from your air conditioners (or possibly from your heaters) to the duct system.

In the course of this, the filter traps the very tiny particulate contaminants in the air preventing even the minutest pollutants from being dispersed across your home. Therefore, we have a notably reduced possibility of air (emanating from your ventilation system) spreading irritants and contaminants.

Consequently, the air you inhale is healthier and purer. Undoubtedly, if you are not using an air filter subscription service, it is your job to make sure these filters are promptly replaced when due.

In most American homes today, mechanical air filters are preferred options. This is what we regularly see incorporated into residential HVAC systems. These HVAC systems use disposable filters as said which need regular cleaning and periodic replacement.

So does that your ingenious air filter work?

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2How well can air filters help you if you have respiratory conditions?

Many people today are susceptible to allergens. These allergens are notorious culprits responsible for offsetting respiratory nightmares like COPD or asthma. This is why air filters are even more important.

By impeding the free circulation of such irritants in the air, your chances of inhaling your irritants and possibly triggering a respiratory attach shrinks. So long you promptly replace your filters or get an air filter subscription to do it for you, you are sure to suffer far less respiratory attacks.

Having said this, it is essential to note that air filters alone will not do it for you. This is because there are more aggressive allergens which are not necessarily airborne but domiciled instead on surfaces in your home.

This is why it is recommended that to sustainably improve respiratory problems, you should complement good air filtration with other healthy practices like vacuuming, cleaning and dusting periodically sad well as washing your sheets.

Lastly, you should also do your best to reduce your usage of electronic air purification systems. This is because of the propensity of such systems to produce ozone. Ozone as we know it is a gravid lung irritant.

How well can air filters help you if you have respiratory conditions?

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