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Street Photographer Tracked Down Subjects He Clicked 30 Years Ago, Just Watch How They Look Now

By Andrew Alpin, 15 May 2017


Chris Porsz is a well known street photographer from the UK. During the seventies and eighties, he worked the town of Peterborough where he clicked several shots of the local English youth who were his favorite subjects at the time. Be they punks, rebels, romantic couples he clicked them all but he also kept track of who they were. After several years, Chris decided to track down his subjects to see what they looked like and this was the results of his pictures 40 years ago. This was his most ambitious project released as part of his book reunions.

1 The Romantic Railway Kiss (1980 and 2009)

In 1980, Tony Wilmot 22 and Sally 21 lived in Essex. He a teacher and she a government employee. They were married a year later after this picture was taken when he was saying goodbye to her at Peterborough Railway Station. The couple never even knew they were being photographed. In 2009 Chris clicked them again where the couple live and work as teachers in Lichfield near Peterborough. They have two kids Tom and Jenny.

The Romantic Railway Kiss

Image Source: www.brightside.me

2 Ian Medler and Peter Yates (1980 and 2010)


Friends Ian Medler and Peter Yates walk down the street in 1980. In the new image, it is Ian’s brother Alan who walks with Peter in 2010.

Ian Medler and Peter Yates

Image Source: www.zixundingzhi.com

3 Punks on the Steps (1980 and 2015)

Left to right: John Church, Kim Guest, Gary Wymer, Mirko Obradovic, Ade Lawrence, Sean Adams, and Mark Winsworth. The group of punks were clicked in 1980. John is now a painter and decorator who also plays in a band with Ade a garbage man. Gary is still a butcher; Mirko is working in a brick factory. Unfortunately in the new photo Kim and Sean aren’t there as they passed away.

Punks on the Steps

Image Source: www.redbuzz.co


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