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Finally Revealed! Spinechilling Scary Letters Michael Jackson Wrote Before His Death

By Andrew Alpin, 11 May 2017


Now we all know the dead should Rest in Peace especially our dear Michael Jackson but when news like this is revealed, then don’t you think his fans have a right to know about it. Michael Jacksons chilling Letters have now been released by Michael’s long time friend and German businessman, Michael Jacobshagen which reveal how much stress and mental turmoil the star was going through days before his death.

1 What was Jackson trying to tell his friend?

Michael Jacobshagen 34 and Michael Jackson shared a 20 year friendship. In an interview with broadcaster Daphne Barak on an Australian TV Channel, Jacobshagen revealed how Michael Jackson was in tears when he called him from a hideaway in Las Vegas and literally begged Jacobshagen to fly down to the US so that Jacobshagen could be with him during his Big London O2 tour.

Jacobshgagen revealed some really shocking and scary predictions that Jackson revealed to him in that call.

What was Jackson trying to tell his friend

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2 When Jacobshagen met Jackson, he received spine chilling notes from the star


Jacobshagen did fly to the US to be with Jackson and was given 13 notes by the Star. The notes read ‘they are trying to murder me’ and ‘I am scared about my life’. Although Jackson never revealed who the “they” referred to but some of his notes also hinted at the enormous pressure being exerted on Jackson by tour promoters AEG. One note read:

“AEG Make so much pressure to me… I’m scared about my life”.

A few weeks later the mega star was found dead after an overdose of his prescription sedative propofol by his personal Doctor Conrad Murray. Murray was sentenced to four years in Jail for involuntary manslaughter for Giving Jackson such a lethal dose of the drug.

Whe Jacobshagen met Jackson he received spine chilling notes from the star

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3 Jackson’s daughter Paris felt the same all along

According to Jacobshagen, Jackson used the sedative for more than ten years as he was suffering from insomnia. It is weird that such devastating news is being revealed now because Jackson’s daughter Paris now 19, had also stated that her father was murdered.

The full interview with Jacobshagen will be broadcasted in June in Australia on the eight death anniversary of the superstar. Jacobshagen has revealed the full contents of Michael Jackson’s chilling letters before his death. One can well imagine the shocking effect it may have throughout the world.

Michael Jacksons

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