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Snapchat CEO’s Supposed Comments On The Indian Market That Broke Social Media

By Arkadeep Deb, 26 April 2017


2 The meltdown: The Indian population breaks the Indian social media!

Sadly, but somewhat predictably, the netizens of India did not take kindly to hearing anything negative about the Motherland. The number of Netizens who showed outrage on social media, in public and lest we forget, in the feedback section of Snapchat in the Google Play Store, was staggering. People were and still are incensed that a fast-developing nation such as India is still being pigeonholed. Personal attacks were also made on Spiegel in social media and talks of boycotting the application was rampant. For some comment which was made in 2015, and was part of a bigger context, it did not take too long for the spotlight to digress to something more politically questionable and in its usual way manifested into an ugly public spectacle soon enough.

snapchat users response to Anthony Publiano

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3 Those lost in the crossfire: Snapdeal’s 7 weeks of bad luck!

The incident does not spell a good financial quarter for Snapchat as the application also lost out when its ‘Stories’ feature inspired more popular counterparts in rivals Facebook Messenger and Instagram. The company has seen a major dip in the price of shares since the accusation was made public. PR teams on behalf of the app's board are of course denying Spiegel making any such racy remark about the Indian economy. In related news, Snapdeal also did not escape the brunt of the users in the Indian sub-continent and its non-resident patriots and has succumbed a great deal of its user-base. As soon as the news hit the airwaves, without pausing to fact-check, hordes of users with a skewed sense of nationalism, chose to undermine the wrong app and even write scathing remarks on the apps Play Store feedback section. It seems to have comically gone disastrous for Snapdeal to share half of its moniker with Snapchat. In the heels of a massive early-February layoff, Snapdeal are clearly not entering a sunny first quarter of the financial year.

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