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Have You Been Wondering What Gifts Did The Royal Couple Receive on Their Wedding?

By Meera Kaushal, 22 May 2018


The event of the year just culminated with much fanfare and love from around the world. People from across the globe congratulated the Royal Couple- Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and even though the generous couple had announced that they would prefer donations to their chosen charities instead of any special gifts, they received love in the form of presents that are as thoughtful and bizarre as wedding gifts could get. 

The Kensington Palace had confirmed on Twitter last month that the couple did not have any official ties to the charities chosen by them; they only represented the issues that were close to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s heart.

The fact that the couple’s wedding broke traditions on many counts and that they defied all odds to be tied in holy matrimony makes us look at them with much love and respect. Celebrating their union, world leaders came forward to congratulate the couple with different kinds of gifts and we are about to tell you about those very gifts today. 

Meghan markle and prince harry

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1This is what the Queen gave to the couple

Queen Elizabeth gave a splendid gift to her grandson and his wife in the form of a hunting lodge in Sandringham Estate. The sprawling property is located about 110 miles northeast of the Kensington Palace (where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle currently live) and has been under the British Royal family’s possession since 1862.

Hunting lodge in Sandringham

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It is unclear whether the couple will move into this property or not, but now they will have their private royal space, thanks to her Majesty. 

Hunting lodge in Sandringham Estate.

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2The cute naming by a Zoo in Australia

In what can be called as a bizarre yet a cute wedding gift, we would like to tell you that Taronga Zoo which is situated near Sydney named two of their koalas after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Taronga Zoo koalas

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3Gifts from Australia didn’t stop here


Yes, that’s true! Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull gave matching Akubra hats to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. These hats are Made in Dempsey, New South Wales and the PM actually said that these are a ‘very Australian present.’ Apart from this, the Australian government respected the couple’s wishes and donated $10,000 to a charity, Australian International Military Games Limited. 

Hats to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

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