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15 remarkable Gadgets That Will Bring You Directly Into 3018

By Andrew Alpin, 7 April 2018


Not so long ago, we were living relatively simpler lives with dial phones and posting hand written letters and cards to our loved ones. But it all changed with the advent of the internet and its global accessibility. Life as we know it has changed entirely since then. Today we have digital gadgets, smart phones, ATM machines, which were unthinkable even 2 decades ago. So much so that these technologies have crept into our daily lives and has become indispensable part of our functionality. Can you imagine giving a professional presentation without your super computer or without Wi-Fi connections anymore? But in spite of such advanced technology, there are even more insanely developed gadgets that you may not know even exist and which you can use right at home. Here we are with 10 new smart futuristic gadgets that show how far the world of digital technology is advanced as if it were already 3018.

1A cat toilet with a self-cleaning function

God’s answer to the entire progressive (read lazy) cat owners all across the globe, who has bought this automatic cat toilet for their furry pets. This automated box is well programmed to drop the waste into an isolated compartment, and all the owner needs to do is to open it, remove and discard the bag when it’s full. This box isn’t only functional but aesthetically pleasing as well and costs up to $450! But obviously money is not the factor when it comes to the convenience of the cat and owners.

A cat toilet with a self-cleaning function

Image Source: brightside.me

2The smartest hoop

Yeah you read it right, the innocent hula hoop which we all played and twirled around as kids have gone smart too! American enthusiasts have installed sensors in to this innocent sporting equipment and have created the VHOOP! This smart hoop with its movement sensors tracks your workout intensity and reports to your smart phones. In fact this is no longer a simple pastime toy anymore as it’s a workout machine, even a competitive machine with global ratings of its best users all across the world!

The smartest hoop

Image Source: tudointeressante.com.br

3“A smart condom”


In this date and age, even love making is tech –friendly and a new fangled condom is the proof of that. A British condom manufacturer has released their latest innovation, called a “smart condom”, which is sleek enough to look like a fitness bracelet but obviously it’s meant for entirely another function and a body part. It claims that it can prevent pregnancy or the spread of sexually transmitted disease. In fact, as embarrassing as it may sound to some, this smart gadget can monitor the activity of intercourse, its duration, intensity, and speed.

It records popular positions, even temperatures of the organs involved and finally the amount of calories burnt. In fact if you are a show off you can actually share the data with others on this platform!!

A smart condom

Image Source: metro.co.uk

4A suitcase that moves by itself

This innovation is a God send for frequent travelers. Forward X-Company has come up with an innovative suitcase which would dutifully follow its owner. It’s programmed and run by a small bracelet and rolls independently besides its owner like a faithful pet. Although this suitcase is not in current mass production, it won’t be long when we all have one by our side wherever we go.

A suitcase that moves by itself

Image Source: adme.ru


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