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Man Takes Pictures of Lake Michigan to Prove the Earth is Not Flat

By Christopher Paul, 19 June 2018


If you hear the two words “Flat Earth” you’d think it to be a joke and laugh as any normal human would do. But one look at the Flat Earth Society Facebook page and Reddit forums and you’d know this is no joke. Even in the year 2018, there are many people who wholeheartedly believe in the lie that the Earth is flat.

They are not delusional but truly believe it that the Earth is flat and stick by their beliefs like a religion. There are meetings and conventions where like-minded people of the Flat Earth Community meet and have discussions on this topic.

1Wait, What is Flat Earth Society?


The Flat Earth Society is a group of people who still believe that the Earth is not round like a sphere but flat like a plane or disk. Many ancient cultures believed this and their work are followed even today by a few.

Wait, What is Flat Earth Society?

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2Why Is It Followed Today?


You must be thinking that why are people even following this today? Are they fools to believe this? It’s more like pop culture that brought the rise of flat earth once again. The most recent one was the solar eclipse of 2017 in the month of August. This event saw the rise of videos on YouTube showing details of how the eclipse proves that the Earth is flat.

Why Is It Followed Today?

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3The Second Scandal


Another scandal in the same year involving "the Tunisian and Arab scientific and educational world" took place when a Ph.D. student submitted a thesis paper saying that the earth was flat, 13,500 years old and at the centre of the universe.

The Second Scandal

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4So What Are We Reading About Today?


Today we are going to see how an ordinary man’s ordinary picture of Lake Michigan along with a bit of curiosity and maths helped him prove that the Earth is round and not flat. The man in question in 47-year-old Greg Pagel.

Picture of Lake Michigan

Image Source: crowded.today


5The Picture In Question


This long panorama shot of Lake Michigan was taken by Greg Pagel, standing a few miles away from his house in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The shot does look good and has been something Greg has seen a lot. Upon further inspection of the image, Greg came to a conclusion.

The Picture In Question

Image Source: www.kaoded.com


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