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10 Myths That People Believe That Were Actually Created By Companies

By Christopher Paul, 23 June 2018


You must have seen those ads on the TV about a product that can do things even you know the product can’t. There are some ads that are so far-fetched and weird that it just leaves us scratching our heads. Well, that’s in today’s world being far-fetched and weird is what companies do to look edgy. But many people believe those ads and end up comparing the features of products to others. Fake features or exaggerating the things a product can do is what marketing companies show to get more sales.

How Did This Start


Competition is everywhere and companies need to get ahead of one another by any means possible. This made companies depend heavily on ad and marketing groups to formulate campaigns for them to sell their products. In many cases, this worked but not every company was honest about their product details.



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What This Lead To


Even back in the older days companies lied about their products but they did it in a way that seemed believable. Unfortunately, some people believed those fake ads and what they claimed their products could do became what people expected every product in that line to do. It became the new bar by which products were measured.


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How Did This Affect The Market


Sales stayed the same but what went up were the number of fake products and small companies that sold those fake products. Now naturally when people buy fake products and don’t get their desired results they feel cheated and this leads to a loss of trust. This is when sales got affected.


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How To Combat This?


The only way we can actually combat this is by not believing everything we hear on the TV about products. If it’s on the news or a science or health based show then you should take into consideration what they are saying. Today we’re going to read about some myths that people still believe.



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