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10 Myths That People Believe That Were Actually Created By Companies

By Christopher Paul, 23 June 2018

You must have seen those ads on the TV about a product that can do things even you know the product can’t. There are some ads that are so far-fetched and weird that it just leaves us scratching our heads. Well, that’s in today’s world being far-fetched and weird is what companies do to look edgy. But many people believe those ads and end up comparing the features of products to others. Fake features or exaggerating the things a product can do is what marketing companies show to get more sales.

How Did This Start

Competition is everywhere and companies need to get ahead of one another by any means possible. This made companies depend heavily on ad and marketing groups to formulate campaigns for them to sell their products. In many cases, this worked but not every company was honest about their product details.



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What This Lead To

Even back in the older days companies lied about their products but they did it in a way that seemed believable. Unfortunately, some people believed those fake ads and what they claimed their products could do became what people expected every product in that line to do. It became the new bar by which products were measured.


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How Did This Affect The Market

Sales stayed the same but what went up were the number of fake products and small companies that sold those fake products. Now naturally when people buy fake products and don’t get their desired results they feel cheated and this leads to a loss of trust. This is when sales got affected.


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How To Combat This?

The only way we can actually combat this is by not believing everything we hear on the TV about products. If it’s on the news or a science or health based show then you should take into consideration what they are saying. Today we’re going to read about some myths that people still believe.


1 Myth: VitaminWater is healthy as it provides you with extra nutrients

Truth: It is just flavored sugar-water

The truth is more than just sugar-water. If you take a 20 oz bottle of Vitaminwater you will find that it contains about 120 calories and around 32 grams of sugar. A regular soft drink has 50% more sugar than this. The micronutrients that they contain such as vitamins B and C are nutrients that are never lacking in a person’s diet. When consumed in higher dosage these beverages can cause more harm than good.

Myth: VitaminWater is healthy as it provides you with extra nutrients.

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2Myth: A shot of espresso has more caffeine than a regular size cup of coffee

Truth: In the case of ounces, this is true but according to how we serve the beverages, this is false

Yes, it is true, a single 2 oz double espresso shot contains around 80 milligrams of caffeine but a 12 oz brewed coffee has about 120 milligrams. You must be thinking wait, you can’t compare 2oz to 12? Yes, we can’t so let’s break it down. A single shot of espresso has around 40 mg per ounce but a brewed cup of coffee has only around 10 mg in each ounce. So, there you go myth proven true! Not so fast, have you ever seen anyone have an espresso size cup of coffee and just one cup of coffee? The difference in the serving size is where the discrepancy lies.


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3Myth: A new mattress need to be bought after a few years

Truth: It depends on you, with good care a mattress can last for over 10 years

Yes, the truth of the matter is that a mattress can last for years if the owner takes good care of it. Think of it like a car, so the owner needs to oil it and replace the parts when it wears off, etc. The same way a mattress also needs care and attention. The best way to take care of a mattress is by rotating it, making sure you don’t constantly put pressure in the same place and cleaning it.

Myth: An espresso has more caffeine than an average-sized cup of coffee.

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4Shampoos and conditioners actually help repairing split-ends

Truth: Physically removing the split ends via trimming is the only remedy

One of the most known hair problems is split ends. There are many reasons for this happening such as exposure to the sun, chemical reaction from the use of hair products, or the result of roughly combing hair that was tangled. Despite what many companies claim their product can do it is nearly impossible to fix split ends and only trimming can cure it.


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5Myth: Detox diets help cleanse the body of toxins

Truth: Detoxification doesn’t have much medical proof to back it up and similar results can be obtained by simpler methods

A detox diet is a short-term dietary plan designed to eliminate toxins from the body. Typical detox diet plans involve a period of fasting which followed by a diet of fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, and water. The problem with this is that the diet doesn’t allow for any toxins to enter the body as processed foods and alcohol is off the diet and not allowed. This diet basically prevents toxins from entering the body and allows the body to clean itself via the food that needs to be consumed.

Myth: Mattresses need to be replaced every eight years.

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6Myth: Diamonds are rare and expensive

Truth: Diamonds are neither rare nor as valuable as we were led to believe

Diamonds are definitely not rare - they are just difficult to find and extract. Everything we know about De Beers and when he was part of the diamond industry is outdated. He was known for making false claims to boost sales. Since his departure, the diamond industry has evolved and new standards have been implemented. Diamonds can be found easily in any jewelry store anywhere in the world. But the select few diamonds that have impressive colour or clarity are only found at auctions and they fetch millions.


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7Myth: Consumption of canned food beyond its expiration date can lead to death

Truth: Canned or packaged food will be safe to consume even after its expiration date unless the can is gets damaged and leaks or is bloated

Cans to package food are made from steel sheets which are welded. Many companies also pack the food with another layer on the inside to avoid the food from touching the metal can to avoid a tin-ish flavour. When food is sealed away from air and particles, it is usually safe and the cans they are in are made to be durable and are strong. Only when the cans get damaged that results in a leak, then the food inside is compromised.

canned food

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8Myth: Any label that says “genuine leather” means the product is of high-quality leather

Truth: The label “genuine leather” implies that the leather used in the manufacturing of the product is real, but nothing can be said about the quality

Leather products have three different levels based on quality: genuine leather which is real but low-quality leather, top-grain leather which is medium to high-quality leather and full-grain leather which is used to make high-quality utility items. Genuine leather labeled bags, shoes or belts are easily found in department stores or malls and their prices are always quite low. This happens because these products are made from many layers of real low-quality leather. Adding paint and gluing them together gives them a good look.

Genuine leather

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9Myth: The food pyramid gives us all the information we need on how much of each food group we need to consume to maintain a balanced diet daily

Truth: It’s not false exactly but just outdated

Although it was introduced in the US in 1992 by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and was called the "Food Guide Pyramid", it was first published in Sweden in 1974. Even the pyramid used in the US was made using the nutrition information that was available at the time. Some people even believe they were paid by food companies to help boost their sales. Many criticized it for emphasizing the high consumption of carbohydrates while completely avoiding healthy fats. In 2011, a new guide for nutrition was introduced and referred to as “MyPlate” and received wide praise.

The food pyramid

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10Myth: The warranty period is void when you break the warranty seal

Truth: Those 'Void If Broken' Warranty Stickers Are Actually Illegal

The Magnuson–Moss law or Warranty Act, introduced in 1975 made it illegal for companies to impose any kind of warranty conditions that stopped consumers repairing or even opening their devices. The law applies to any consumer device which is sold for over $15. Companies are not allowed to apply any kind of warranty conditions which will make the consumer use only specific company authorized services or parts for the repair.

warranty period is void

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