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Top 10 Weird Mysteries That Have Finally Been Solved

By Milos Kitanovic, 29 November 2017


From the mysterious disappearance of the Roanoke colony to the infamous Jack the Ripper case, let's talk about the top 10 weird mysteries that have recently been solved.

1The Lost Colony

This mystery seems like it comes straight from a Hollywood horror movie. I guess that's what happens when all the people from one place disappear all at once, without any trace. Such was the case with the population of North Carolina's Roanoke Island. The entire colony who arrived only three years before was completely wiped out in 1590. To make this mystery even more terrifying, the only thing that was left was the word "Croatoan" carved into a tree.

However, in recent years, the truth came to surface as the researchers and historians alike found out that it was actually some disease that made all these people perish. It's also worth noting that this mystery was recently brought to the small screen in the season 6 of FX's hit show: "American Horror Story."

The Lost Colony

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2Bermuda Triangle

One of the biggest mysteries in the world is definitely that of the Bermuda Triangle, a place where a lot of ships have disappeared over the course of the years. And just like any other time when the mysterious disappearances are in focus, the theories about alien abduction first comes to mind. Some have even suggested that the infamous Bermuda Triangle is, in fact, an area where some government experiment went wrong.

However, it was not until the recent years that the studies confirmed that the disappearances had very little to do with the government or aliens for that matter. In fact, it has been proven that the so-called disappearances happened because of the magnetic issues with compasses.

Bermuda Triangle

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3The death of male mammoths


This mystery had to do with the fossil record that showed that almost 70 percent of mammoth remains belongs to the males. As it turned out, this came as a result of their way of living. Just like the elephants today, mammoths lived in groups led by a matriarch, while every male mammoth was left to be on their own, once they are old enough. So without the herd to look after them, the males would engage in a more dangerous behavior that often led to death.

While this seems like a no mystery at all, the exact reason for this fossil record was found only recently by the team of researchers led by Swedish Museum of Natural History.

death of male mammoths

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4The mysterious Egyptian symbols

There has been quite a debate about whether or not the ancient Egyptians had the advanced technology. And the Abydos hieroglyphs found in Osiris temple seemed to confirm the hypothesis that they did because some of the symbols seem to represent a helicopter, a tank, and even a jet.

But no matter how interesting this seemed to be, scientists were able to debunk this theory by restoring the original hieroglyphs and confirming that symbols mentioned above are no more than just wishful thinking. After all, the mind believes what it wants to believe, so it comes as no surprise that some people wanted to find a conspiracy theory where there was none.

The mysterious Egyptian symbols

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5The mystery the missing Swiss couple

Marcelin Dumoulin and his wife, Francine disappeared on August 15, 1942, near the Swiss village of Chandolin when they went to feed their cows. For 75 years their disappearance was a mystery until their frozen bodies were finally found in 2017 under a glacier. And given the fact that ice preserved their remains, as well as their identity papers, the authorities were able to tell straight away that the remains belonged to the long-missing couple. And just like that, one of the biggest disappearances in history has been solved thanks to a shrinking glacier.

missing Swiss couple

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6Why the largest primate went extinct?


Many scientists consider Gigantopithecus to be the largest primate to ever walk the Earth and the fossil records prove just that as it was estimated that this primate was up to three meters tall with the weight of incredible 500 kilograms. But given how large and dominant this animal was, the reason for his extinction was a complete mystery for quite a long time.

That was until the recent years when the scientists discovered that the real reason lies in this primate's inability to adapt, primarily because his vegetarian diet restricted his habitat only to forests in China and Thailand, areas that turned to savannas over the course of time.

 largest primate went extinct

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7What ever happened to Amelia Earhart?

This incredible woman was without a doubt one of the most successful female pilots of her time. And her disappearance in 1936 while trying to complete a 29,000-mile trip spurred a wide range of theories. Some say Amelia was captured by Japanese, some that she was living on a deserted island. But this curious case was eventually solved in 2014 when a plane was discovered near the place where the human remains were found in 1940.

What ever happened to Amelia Earhart

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8 Mary Celeste

Speaking of mysterious disappearances, how about the time when the ship called Mary Celeste was found in 1872 in the Atlantic Ocean with no crew in it?

What's even more mysterious is the fact that everything was intact so that it couldn't have been pirates or any kind of attack for that matter. That's why the experiment was conducted which resulted in a rather silly explanation. Apparently, over 1700 barrels of raw alcohol held on Mary Celeste caused the crew to go mad and jump from the ship.

Mary Celeste

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9The grave of Richard III


Richard III was the last king to die on the battlefield, but the researchers weren't able to locate his remains. That was until 2012 when they found a skeleton under a car park in Leicester, and the DNA test showed that the remains belong to Richard III. Also, the test proved the cause of death to be numerous fatal blows.

grave of Richard III

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10Jack the Ripper

Last but not least, we have the identity of the infamous Jack the Ripper that has been a mystery for more than a century. But recently, a bloodied shawl was recovered from one of the Ripper's victims and was soon brought to auction. That's where the man by the name of Russell Edwards bought the shawl in order to test the DNA. He did so by using the blood of victim's descendants and comparing it to the blood of the Aaron Kosminski, a long time suspect in Jack the Ripper case and eventually found the link.

Jack the Ripper

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