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Millionaire Was Murdered And Laid To Rest In Gold And Champagne

By KK Angus, 10 April 2018


33-year-old millionaire Sheron Sukhdeo was murdered and on the face of this terrible tragedy, his family decided to give him a proper send off. The young millionaire wasn't just wrapped in gold and jewels in his coffin but was also drenched in the finest champagne. Sheron was known for his lavish lifestyle and it's only befitting that his family would give him an elaborate farewell. But his funeral arrangements made global headlines. Not only was there a lot of gold and alcohol involved but there was also a car parade. Let’s find out more.

1Who is Sheron Sukhdeo?

Sheron was a very successful entrepreneur who led a flamboyant life. He was a used car salesman who struck gold in the second-hand automobile business. Much like any and every rich person on the Internet, Sheron loved flaunting his lifestyle and would often show off his wealth and home. So much so that he became an Instagram celebrity.

Who is Sheron Sukhdeo

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2His cars

His love for cars also seeped over to his personal life. The car salesman himself owned a string of high-end imported automobiles. Each of his personal cars were Bentley, Lamborghini and Mercedes. In fact, one look at his Instagram will tell you that Sheron was very passionate about cars.

Sheron Sukhdeo cars

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3World Boss


Interestingly, Sheron was known as World Boss owing to his extravagant lifestyle. His multi-million dollar empire made news after his death. His large business includes his car dealerships, his swanky homes and other high-end possessions. There was also a question of who will inherit Sheron's wealth after his death.

World Boss

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4Too much wealth

Sheron had amassed a massive amount of wealth over the years and at just 33 years of age, Sheron had a fleet of around 14 cars, two buses, four mini-vans, speedboats, jet skis and even a couple of aircrafts. He also owned seven houses, six apartments and had reportedly just bought a restaurant. His insane wealth had garnered quite a lot of curiosity in his local circuit.

World Boss funeral

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5How did he die?

Sheron was tragically shot in a drive-by in his hometown and though it's not known who killed him, but cops suspect a local gang which had been plotting Sheron's death for a while now. Many people have claimed that Sheron and his incredibly wealthy lifestyle was an eyesore for many. Plus there were rumours that he hadn't acquired all his money the straight way and there was some black money involved.

Sheron wealthy lifestyle

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