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Lingerie Tag Teaches A Woman That She Has Been Wearing Her Bra Wrongly Since 20 Years

By Meera Kaushal, 25 October 2017


How often do we check the instructions on clothes on how to actually wear them? Well, to be true, NEVER! Even if there are instructional tags with clothes, we certainly don’t read those steps because we know how to wear what we wear, right? Well, this is true for most clothing items and especially true for women when it comes to wearing a bra.

It’s like women wear them day in and day out and they think they know it all. But recently, a woman found out through a lingerie tag that she had actually been wearing her bra all wrong, for almost 20 years. And when she Tweeted about this, she found herself to be not the only one. Take a look at the story and find out whether you too have been making the same mistakes.

1How To Put On A Bra?

You must be intrigued, or must be thinking we are mad to even ask this to women. But, these were the exact words which were written on a lingerie tag. And when Brittany Packnett, an Activist, Educator, and a Writer; read those instructions on that lingerie tag, she found the correct ways of wearing a bra.

At first, she thought why does she even need to read the steps, but just like that she decided to read on, and after realizing that her way of wearing a bra was wrong for 20 years, she shared it on Twitter. 

How To Put On A Bra

Image Source: www.littlethings.com

2The Correct Way

The debate on whether women have been wearing their bra wrongly or not was started by this very picture, which basically tells the correct ways. The bra with which Brittany received that tag, with instructions came from ThirdLove, an internet retailer selling designer bras. After reading the tag, Brittany admitted, “I was all wrong.

I was in the middle clasp and I did *not* do proper breast placement.” Like Brittany, many women believe that the middle clasp is the best for the perfect fit, but they found that it is actually the loosest clasp, which is indeed the best.

Even the experts at Town Shop explain that clasping on the loosest hook actually helps by making it last longer because the fabric gradually loses its elasticity and going from the loosest to the tightest makes perfect sense. The same principle applies on the straps and they are also needed to be tightened over a period of time for that perfect fit.

wearing bra tag

Image Source: www.littlethings.com


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