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Johnny Depp Revealed Surprising Truth About Depression After Split From Amber and Financial Issues In An Interview

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 24 June 2018

There is no denying the fact that Johnny Depp is one of the most loved actors of Hollywood and the larger-than-life characters that he has played in his career have already made him immortal in the eyes of his fans. However for quite some time now, he is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The 54 years old actor was recently touring with the band “The Hollywood Vampires” and made his fans worry about his health as he was looking thinner than ever.

There have been many ups and downs in his life; in fact his divorce with Amber Heard left him broken, both mentally as well as financially. Earlier this year, he gave an interview to the Rolling Stones in London and spilled the beans on many issues with regard to his personal as well as professional lives.

1The Interview with Johnny Depp

The interview was taken by the reporter Stephen Roderick and he wrote nearly 200 emails to get this opportunity of interviewing Johnny Depp. The interview which went on for 3 days,took place at the London house of Depp and during the interview, the actor kept on drinking and smoking a mixture of hash and tobacco.

The Interview with Johnny Depp

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2Adam Waldman’s role in the interview

The interview was arranged by Johnny’s new lawyer Adam Waldman who has been appointed after Johnny broke relations with Joe Mandel in 2016. Adam is known as the lobbyist for the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and when he arranged the interview, he indicated to the reporter that Johnny is ready to bare his soul about his empty bank accounts. The story on interview has been published on Thursday and as per Johnny, the truth about his life is full of betrayal.

Adam Waldman’s role in the interview

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3Became emotional while talking about his son

The reporter says that Johnny became emotional when he talked about his son and how he came to know about the money problem that his father is facing. The Pirates of the Caribbean star expressed his unhappiness over the fact that his son got to know from the other kids at school that his father has financial issues.

Became emotional while talking about his son

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4His divorce with Amber Heard

He accepted the fact that his separation with Amber sent him to the lowest point in his life. Amber and Johnny got separated in 2016 and the former also accused the latter of ill-treatment. The divorce was finalized in 2017 and while Amber accused Johnny of bad behavior, Johnny alleged that Amber financially blackmailed him.

His divorce with Amber Heard

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5After the divorce

He accepted that his divorce with Amber was the darkest moment of his life. His money was getting finished and his mother also passed away. He was not able to bear the pain so he used to drink vodka in the morning and started writing until his eyes got filled with tears and he couldn’t see page anymore.

After the divorce

6Departure of Johnny’s mother from the world was too much for him to handle

Johnny’s mother Betty Sue took her last breath in May 2016 after a long illness and this had an adverse effect on Johnny as he was already going through a bad phase on the personal front. He had tattooed his mother’s name on his inner arm and when he got nominated for the first time in Oscars in 2004, he took his mother to the awards ceremony.

Departure of Johnny’s mother from the world was too much for him to handle

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7Johnny Depp couldn’t understand why this was happening to him

Johnny was not able to understand as to what he has done to deserve this. His mother left him, his wife was leaving him and his money was fast disappearing. He felt that he was nice and kind to everyone, tried to help all and be true to everybody but still he was going through all this.

Johnny Depp couldn’t understand why this was happening to him

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8Money problems

It is being said that Johnny lost almost all of his $600 million of wealth and he blames his former managers for this goof-up. Other than his management company, he also feels that his family at Kentucky has lived extravagantly at his expense and he has always been living an ultra-lavish life too.

Money problems

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9Legal issues

He is engaged in a legal battle against his former management company as Johnny alleges that they have misused and mismanaged his funds while taking a good share for themselves. He has filed a case against The Management Group for US$25 million claiming that they have mismanaged his funds worth US$400 million. Johnny has alleged that TMG has paid taxes late for 13 years continuously and therefore they have also paid US$5.6million as late fees.

Legal issues

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10TMG countersued him

The former business managers TMG immediately countersued Johnny, alleging that he is the only one responsible for his dwindling funds as he kept on spending lavishly despite repeated warnings that he couldn’t afford to spend at such high speed. The reporter felt while interviewing Johnny that he was worried about his financial situation and had no clue that he was behind on his taxes.

TMG countersued him

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11TMG alleges wasteful expenditures on the part of Johnny

Johnny opened up about the expenditures which were done by him and it included $30,000 expenditure which TMG claimed was done for purchasing wine. As per Johnny Depp, it is insulting to say that he spent $30,000 for buying wine as the amount was higher than this.

TMG alleges wasteful expenditures on the part of Johnny

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12Counter argument by Johnny Depp

When The Management Group accused Johnny Depp of wasteful expenditures, Johnny said that if he and his family members were spending extravagantly and the money was disappearing very fast, they should have cut off the credit cards of his family members for which they are paid too but they didn’t.

Counter argument by Johnny Depp

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13Rocket used for the ashes of Hunter S Thompson

TMG also listed the amount of $3 million as waste expenditure done by Johnny for launching the ashes of his idol Hunter S Thompson into the sky and that too, exactly one foot higher than the Statue of Liberty. With regard to this question, Johnny said that the expenses made for this purpose were $5 million and not $3 million.

Rocket used for the ashes of Hunter S Thompson

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14He talked about his choice of drugs

Johnny was unhappy with the fact that the sedative is not available for fun and refreshment purposes as earlier and now prescription is needed for it. He liked it because it is made of a little bit of arsenic or strychnine so the person feels high immediately. He told the reporter that a person takes Quaaludes when he just wants to smile or be happy with his friends or fight with them.

He talked about his choice of drugs

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15More legal problems

Johnny is already dealing with legal issues related to The Management Group for the mismanagement of his funds and he has been countersued by the firm as well. If this was not enough, two of his former bodyguards filed a lawsuit against Johnny for not paying their wages, wrongful termination and some other allegations.

More legal problems

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