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Israeli Start-Up Proves Sky Is The Limit, Designs Balloons For Capturing Carbon From Environment

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 7 November 2021


Global warming can easily be called one of the most serious concerns of the present times as we all are experiencing and noticing volatility in the weather all over the world. The temperatures are increasing at a high rate and any step taken in the direction of reducing or controlling global warming is highly appreciable. One of the biggest reasons for global warming is the high amount of Carbon-di-oxide emission on a daily basis and one Israeli start-up has come up with a very innovative solution to this problem.

1 Carbon-di-oxide and how it affects us?


Carbon-di-oxide (CO2) is gas is which is exhaled by us during the respiration process and it is also released in the environment due to various other activities such as industrial, transportation, deforestation, electricity generation, etc as well. CO2 is a greenhouse gas which is of utmost importance for us as it traps the heat in the environment, if there would be no CO2 in the environment then it would be so cold that no living being will be able to survive.

2Increased CO2 is a problem


However, increased CO2 is a big problem because a cover is created by the excess CO2 which encloses the sun's heat energy in the bubble of atmosphere and as a result, the environment gets hotter and more water evaporates in the atmosphere. This brings an increase in the temperatures and it is also harming the climate patterns in a big manner.


3Removing excessive CO2


Removing excessive CO2 from the atmosphere is a highly energy consuming and costly affair if it is done at the standard temperature but a Israeli start-up has come up with a unique way of extracting CO2 from atmosphere and the best part is that it is done with the help of nature.

4High Hopes Labs


The name of the Israeli start-up is High Hopes Labs and it has proved that sky is the limit for those who are go-getters and have the ability to think out of the box. The CEO of High Hopes Labs, Nadav Mansdorf said that the beautiful thing is that it is easy to capture or extract the gas from environment when it is close to getting freeze.


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