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21 Remarkable Inventions To Make Your Life So Much Easier

By Andrew Alpin, 10 April 2018


There are small things in life that may irritate us but we pass it off thinking that nothing can be done really, like your cookies breaking away and falling into your cup of tea when you’re dunking them. You’ll be surprised at how many inventions exist that can erase the simple problems in life which incidentally happen to plague us every day. Take a look at these awesome inventions you don’t need but yet you’d love to have to make life easier.

1 Magnetic cookie dunker

No more cookies getting soggy and messing up your warm beverage. This magnetic cookie dunker fits perfectly just below the surface of the liquid where you can rest your cookies or even use it to prevent cookies from breaking away into the drink.

 Magnetic cookie dunker

Image Source: odditymall.com


2Light bulb business card

Could you have imagined a lightbulb fitting in your wallet? Well, this is a flat board light bulb obviously coated with material that can be activated to glow. It even fits like a credit card in your wallet. 

Light bulb business card

Image Source: www.awesomeinventions.com


3Electrical plug with a difference


When you are dealing with multiple connections, a gadget like this can be really helpful.

Electrical plug with a difference

Image Source: www.interestingfunfacts.com


4Pizza cut cum server

This is one brilliant invention that not only cuts a pizza without making a mess but you can also serve it on a plate. 

Pizza cut cum server

Image Source: Tweez.be


5Clean out your Nutella jar completely

This most probably happens to everybody where there is still a lot of Nutella left stuck to an empty jar. This knife cleans it out completely.

Clean out your Nutella jar completely

Image Source: quibbll.com



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