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15 Handsome Men Who Were Once Women Are Winning Hearts Online

By Andrew Alpin, 30 June 2018


6Jamie Wilson

A 20-year-old country musician, Jamie Wilson was born a woman and lived as a woman for 18 years until he went through the reassignment surgery. Jamie became unrecognizable after undergoing hormone therapy and training for 2 years. He works as a professional male model for Candy Magazine and even appears on the magazine’s front cover. He also advertises for many male under-garments brands.

Jamie Wilson

Image Source: www.purebreak.com

7Thomas Beatie

The world’s man “Thomas Beatie” gained a lot of fame. He had decided to keep his female sex organs to have a baby when he found out that his wife was infertile. Currently, he has given birth to 3 children. He works as a writer and advocate for sexuality and transgender issues.

Aydian Dowling

Image Source: www.bullesociale.fr

8Aydian Dowling


This bearded hunk on the right side of the picture was born a girl and has been living 8 years as a man. A YouTube channel was started by Aydian in which he shows his transition, hard work and bodybuilding efforts to highlight the improvements. In 2015, he was a semi-finalist in a Men’s Health competition and it gained him worldwide recognition. Men’s health magazine had other transman model before him, so it was kind of unfortunate for him. But it was only that start of his career and he will do better.

Ben Melzer

Image Source: brightside.me

9Ben Melzer

In 1987, Ben Melzer was born as a girl named Yvonne Melzer; Yvonne was always uncomfortable in his body. He had started his transgender transition and therapy from female to male when he was only 23 years old. He was the first transman to appear on the European cover of Men’s health magazine, making him famous in the fashion world. Ben has performed in many fashion projects of famous designers and brands. He had said that he felt like a normal man and Yvonne never existed during an interview conducted by NBC News.

Ben Melzer

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

10Loren Rex Cameron

Loren Rex Cameron is currently an author, photographer and a transsexual activist. His work too focuses on such issues where he has documented his entire transition from female to male. He makes a handsome male as you can see from his photos.

Ian Harvie

Image Source: news.youth.cn


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