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15 Great Inventions By Women That Shook The World and Brought a Change in The Way of Living

By Raveena Ashodia, 25 June 2018


Throughout history, and now in the present time, the women inventors have played a very important role in the world of innovation. During the times when it was difficult for women to claim the equal rights as men, they broke stereotypes and biased barriers that arrived at every turn. These female inventors not only gifted the world with their amazing inventions, they also showed a strong will and devoted determination. Many unique inventions like the first computer language, dishwashers, disposable diapers and others are the results of efforts of these women inventors. The computer programming was invented by Hopper without which it’s not wrong to say, the world would be a very distinct place. Instead of the fact that how important these inventions are, history has told us that women’s accomplishments are often neglected and they didn’t receive the glory and respect like other male inventors. Today here we are gratified to present an introduction of 15 women inventors that helped in creating the world as we know it.

1Dishwasher - Josephine Cochrane

Josephine Cochrane’s wanted to have a device that would clean her dishes much faster from those who works for her, carefully without breaking them. She invented such a machine like a dishwasher on her own and patented all the rights in 1917 and later she opened her own factory. Her invention is a great gift to all the females and the men who are living on their own.

Dishwasher- Josephine Cochrane

Image Source: brightside.me

2The computer - Grace Hopper

All of us knows Charles Babbage as the father of computer but I’m sure only a few us knows that it was Hopper who designed the Howard’s Mark I computer. She designed this computer in 1944 which was as big as the size of a room and weighted 5 ton. The antiquary that interpreted the written language into code words was also invented by Hopper. Just think what the world would be without this invention.

The computer- Grace Hopper

Image Source: www.takepart.com

3DNA Double Helix - Rosalind Franklin


The invention of the DNA double helix is credited to James Watson and Francis Crick and they won a noble price for the same in 1962, but they are not actually the right persons to be appreciated. Rosalind Franklin, a British biophysicist was the first person who captured the photograph of molecules using X-Ray diffraction. Watson and Crick only stole the idea from her.

DNA Double Helix- Rosalind Franklin

Image Source: www.takepart.com

4Kevlar - Stephanie Kwolek

In 1965, Stephanie Kwolek discovered a material known as Kevlar which was 5 times stronger than the steel and very lightweight. She was a chemist and this invention was a great help to the world. This material is widely used in making bulletproof jackets vests, bicycle tires, household gloves, body armor etc. Kevlar is also used in the manufacture of mobile phones, airplanes and bridges.

Kevlar- Stephanie Kwolek

Image Source: brightside.me


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