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12 Founders of Famous Brands Less Talked About

By Jyoti Galada, 7 May 2018


There are brands that you use, wear, enjoy and are a part of your daily living making your life convenient. Have you ever wondered about the founders behind the world’s most famous and successful companies? Why these brands were founded, started, established and are living for years serving its consumers. Some founders are famous and are easily seen on magazine covers. But there are a few who are less talked about.

1Starbucks – Howard Schultz

The first Starbucks opened in Seattle, Washington, in 1971 by three partners who met while they were students at University of San Francisco. English teacher Jerry Baldwin, History teacher Zev Siegi and writer Gordon Bowker took to selling high quality coffee after entrepreneur Alfred Peet taught them his style of roasting coffee beans. Their company took the name of the chief mate in the book Moby-Dick: Starbuck as the founders considered words beginning with ‘st’ powerful.

In 1987, the original owners sold Starbucks chain of six stores to former manager Howard Schultz who quickly began to expand Starbucks. By 1989, 46 stores existed and at the time of its IPO in 1992 on the stock market 140 outlets were operating with a revenue of US $73.5 million up from US $1.3 million 1987. As of now Starbucks is present in 75 countries and territories of 6 continents. 

Howard Schultz

Image Source: mediawatch.dog

2Ferrero – Michele Ferrero

Michele Ferrero’s parents transformed a pastry shop into a factory and were the first Italian manufacturer of confectionery in 40’s. Because of World War II chocolate was rationed so they mixed hazelnuts to produce more products. Nutella became the world’s leading chocolate-nut spread brand. The company now produces 365,000 tons of Nutella every year an amount that weighs as much as Empire State Building. In 1957, Michele inherited the family business which grew rapidly under him. After battling with months of illness he died at the age of 89 years. According to Forbes, he was the richest candy man on the planet with a wealth at $23.4 billion. 

Michele Ferrero

Image Source: lastampa.it

3Hard Rock Café – Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton


The first Hard Rock Café opened in 1971 at Piccadilly, London founded by two Americans Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton. Initially it had electric décor but in 1979 the café began covering its walls with rock and roll memorabilia. The restaurant combined rock music, memorabilia related to rock ‘n’ roll and American cuisine. This Café-music-museum concept became popular and opened in different parts of the world as the first theme restaurant chain in the world. It was in 1973 when Sir Paul and the band made an impromptu appearance at The Hard Rock Café, the first of what’s now 15,000 live performances that the café hosts every year. With over 175 venues in 53 countries around the world Hard Rock has become a global phenomenon.

Tigrett belonged to a well-to-do business family. He was expelled from his boarding school in Tennessee later completed his graduation from another school. Morton was the son of Morton’s Steakhouse president Arnie Morton. 

Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton

Image Source: seafoodnet.info


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