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Most Effective Habits That Can Transform Your Life Completely

By Kavita Panyam, 9 November 2017


Do you feel stuck in a routine that does not seem to move forward? Are you finding it tough to complete your day-to-day tasks without feeling stressed? Do you feel that changing your life is next to impossible as you would have to alter many things at once? It is normal to get apprehensive when faced with the possibility of change. But that is the only way one moves ahead in life. Your transformation need not be difficult or strenuous. We bring you some effective tips you could turn into regular habits in your life to embrace the much-required change.

Morning Habits: To kickstart your day


  1. As you wake up in the morning, thank the bed, pillow, quilt and cot, before getting off your bed, for letting you sleep comfortably. Thank the supreme one for another day that has come your way. Make your bed before you get busy with the morning routine.
  2. Remember to take your medicines at the same time each day.
  3. Always make it a point to have your breakfast as it would give you the much-needed energy to face the day’s challenges. Eating a full breakfast makes one cheerful and less stressed.
  4. Make it a point to do light stretches or exercise as it would leave you feeling light and charged up.
  5. Try and get up at the same time every day, to save you the morning rush that could leave you feeling stressed and worn out even before your day begins.
  6. Tackle the important chores that cannot wait until the evening as you don’t want to come back tired to a waiting pile of chores.
  7. Meditate for at least a few minutes in the morning and at night before calling it a day. This ensures peace as you begin and end the day.
  8. Leave for work on time every day with a little planning and scheduling.

 Morning Habits

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