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I Need Money, Fast! 9 Easy Ways to Get Money When You Need It

By AK, 12 March


Rent's due, and you need money in a pinch. Or maybe life took a turn, and you need money you don't have, what do you do?

"I need money fast!" you might google. Only to be referred to a website that convinces you to sell your no essential organs.

Don't worry, getting money fast doesn't have to be that risky. Here are nine ways to get cash quickly and most importantly safely.

1 Sell Your Things

This might come naturally to you if you just Marie Kondoed your apartment. Now the things that no longer spark you joy, might get you cold hard cash.

For selling clothes check out websites like Poshmark or The Real Real. If you're selling furniture and other odds and ends, look into Let It Go, Offer Up, Craigslist or even Facebook marketplace.

Selling your stuff is great because you don't have to pay anything back like you would with a loan. It's also great to declutter, and this option is relatively painless.

The only issue is you may find that you're selling your items for less than it's worth. You also might feel remorseful and miss an unexpectedly nostalgic item. Also capital can gain taxes if you sell the item for more than you paid.

Selling your stuff

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2 Tell Your Community "I Need Money Fast"

It takes a village, right? The whole point of a community is to support each other. A lot of social communities and organizations offer funds to help out their community.

Check with your local establishment to see if you qualify for help. Your place of work might also have a fund for employees in need. Community funds are great, because usually there is no payback needed, and you may even also get some emotional support.

Local funding

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3 Donate Plasma


Plasma donation centers will pay you for your blood plasma, not your plasma TV. Plasma is needed for a huge range of medical products. Not only will you get money for your donation, but you'll also get cookies and orange juice.

This may feel invasive, but your blood is a renewable resource. Federal regulations say you can't donate more than twice over a week, so keep that in mind. You also need to wait at least 48 hours between donations.

The first time you donate plasma, you'll also get a health screening. If you happen to have a rare blood type, you may even get paid premium rates for your plasma.

This procedure is time-consuming and can take up to three hours. You also need to be in good health to qualify, and some centers only pay with pre-paid debit cards.

Donate Plasma

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4 Ask For a Loan

You could go to your bank, or look into personal loans. For more info on that read more. You also might want to ask your family or friends for money. But you need to be careful with this, you may want to sign an agreement so things don't get messy.

Asking your friends and family for a loan has its perks because there's no credit check, usually low or no interest, and there's flexibility with when you pay it back.

Of course, asking friends and family for help can be embarrassing. It also could put important relationships at risk, for example, if you make an extravagant purchase after a loan, this might lead to resentment.

Ask For a Loan

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5 Get A Side Gig With Tips

Be it waiting tables, washing cars, delivering pizza, bartending, even house or pet sitting while people are on vacation, there are a lot of gigs where you get cash right after the job is done.

Ask around your community for side gig leads. These gigs are great because you're only giving up your time, and the more you work, the more money you make.

The only problem is it takes a bit to get the cash you need right now. Also, the time you have for these jobs might be limited to your other commitments.

Get A Side Gig With Tips

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6 Borrow From Your 401K


This all depends on your plan, but sometimes you may be able to get a check within a day or two. What's great about this, is it's easy to pay yourself back, there's no credit check and low-interest rate.

You might not have enough in your account, you are usually limited to 50% of your balance up to $50,000. You also may need to pay back your outstanding balance if you lose your job or quit, and this could affect your retirement.

Borrowing Money

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7 Use A Credit Card Cash Advance

This might not be the best solution, but desperate times call for desperate measures. You only want to use this card with a low or zero percent promotional interest rate. There also isn't a credit check if the card is already open, and often you can write a check.

Some drawbacks include high fees and interest rates, and it could hurt your credit score.

Use A Credit Card Cash Advance

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8 Do Paid Surveys

There are websites like Survey Junkie that will pay you to take a survey. Companies want to understand consumers better, and that's where you come in. Most surveys pay between $0.50 and $1.25 and take less than five minutes to do.

Do Paid Surveys

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9 Uber/ Lyft /Dog Walk/ Postmates


Depending on your skills, these part-time jobs let you make your own schedule. For dog walking, look into Rover, where you can get paid $10-$30 for a 30-minute walk.

Ride shares are also great. You can even be both an Uber and Lyft driver and compare rates to keep yourself busy.

Postmates is also great, where you get paid to deliver things like groceries and takeout. You take home 100% of what you make and can earn up to $25 an hour.

Uber lyft

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Get Money Now!

Now that you know what to do when you're thinking "I need money fast!" Sell your things, sell your plasma, ask your community, family, and friends, take out a loan, look into your 401K or a credit card advance, or explore part-time gigs.

To every problem, there's a solution, and that solution doesn't have to be painful.



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