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Want to Be a Dynamite Runner? 3 Dynamic Stretches to Do Before Running

By AK, 10 July


Running is arguably the most popular sport in the US.

Indeed, 60 million people around the country regular go running in one form or another.

For good reason too! For losing weight, getting outside more or staying in shape, it doesn’t get much better than running. However, it’s important to prepare properly beforehand.

Stretching is a crucial part of avoiding injury. Looking for some new ways to limber up?

Keep reading for 3 dynamic stretches to do before running.

1 Straight-Leg Swings (Front and Side)

Straight-leg swings are a top way of getting warmed up before a run.

There are two ways to do them: frontwards and sideways.

As an aside, it helps to have the right shoes for both running and stretching! Here’s some athletic-inspired footwear for you to peruse.

Front Swings

Start with the front.

Stand up straight with one hand held out to the side on something stable for support (like a tree). Make sure there’s space in front of and behind you. Perform the movement by swinging one leg forward, keeping it as straight as possible.

On the way down, allow momentum to bring the leg behind you, in a pendulum motion. Do this 10 to 12 times. Then, turn around and hold the support with your other hand. Repeat the movement with your other leg.

Side Swings

Side swings follow the same principle.

This time though, face the support (a tree, or wall, etcetera) and swing your legs across the front of your body. Use the same rhythmic, swinging motion as before. Do 10 to 12 reps on each leg.

Straight-Leg Swings (Front and Side)

Image Source: yurielkaim.com

2Side Lunges

Side lunges are great for stretching out the legs, hips and groin areas.

Start in a standing position. Place your feet approximately shoulder-width apart and facing forwards. Next, take a large step (a ‘lunge’) to the right or left- however you want to begin.

As you plant your foot, bend the knee as your weight shifts over it. Reverse the movement (pushing off the foot you stepped with) to return to standing. That’s one rep.

Do this 10 to 12 times on one side. Then repeat the entire process on the other.

Side Lunges

Image Source: healthytop10s.com

3Hip Flexor Stretches


Hip flexors are a key group of muscles to warm up before a run.

They extend from the top of your inner thigh, past the side of your groin area and up underneath your lower abs.

The stretch begins by standing up straight. Next, bring one of your knees upwards so that your lower leg hangs at 90 degrees. As you bring the knee up, swing the opposite arm up too, in a similar motion. Return to standing. That’s the first rep down.

Repeat with the other leg/arm and keep alternating for 30 seconds or so. It should look similar to running on the spot but in a more controlled motion.

Top Stretches to do Before Running

There you have it: 3 dynamic stretches to do before running!

Running is an immensely popular pastime and sport in the US. However, to avoid injury and get the most for a run, it’s important to stretch beforehand.

Hopefully, this post has provided a few ideas with which to get started.

Want more health-related advice? Check out the health section of the blog now!

Hip Flexor Stretches

Image Source: stack.com


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