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Scientists Make Fantastic Discovery of the Missing Link That Helped Create Life on Earth

By Andrew Alpin, 9 November 2017


An amazing study that has just been published in the journal Nature Chemistry, explains a fantastic theory of how a compound now discovered is the key to combining elements that existed during the early days of earth which has led to the origins of life. Scientists find a missing link to creation itself.

Perhaps the biggest and most mysterious question that every intelligent person wonders is where are we from? How did the Universe begin? Every scientific endeavor be it the Higgs Boson or studies in space boils down to one thing, the quest to solve the mystery of the evolution of life. But!! Scientists feel they have stumbled on a startling discovery and more exciting since the Higgs Boson a few years ago. A team consisting of scientists from various countries including the US and India have discovered a compound that could hold the key to the origin of life on earth. It could well be the missing link to creation itself. 

1The chemical process that created life in its most primitive forms

The amazing discovery was made by Chemists at the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in California. The research brought about a hypothesis that the key ingredient required for early life forms depended on a chemical reaction called Phosphorylation. The chemical reaction played an important role for assembling three main ingredients that when combined create life.

That was short strands of nucleotides for genetic data storage, short chains of peptides or amino acids that perform the main work of living cells and lipids that form cell walls.

The researchers say that a phosphorylating agent dating back to early earth has never been discovered till date and it was this particular new compound that produced the three classes of molecules under similar conditions. The name of the new mystery compound is diamidophosphate (DAP). Associate professor of chemistry at TSRI Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy stated that it was a phosphorylation process that was responsible for bringing together the earlier mentioned three steps of cell formation that could have formed what is known as oligonucleotides, oligopeptides and the encapsulating cell wall. It was this process that then gave rise to various chemistries that ultimately lead to the first living organism. 

Scripps Research Institute

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