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Canadian woman spent years transforming her body, looks amazing after ‘makeunder’

By Afsana Khatoon, 25 September 2017


Dawn Williams is a 44-year-old Canadian woman. She is the mother of two children. She drew a lot of attention and became famous because of her stark resemblance to Pamela Anderson. Her outgoing and bold appearance made strangers ogle at her and many walked up to her asking whether she happened to be a celebrity. Dawn loved all the attention she received and why not? Dawn had taken the trouble spending almost two decades trying to perfect her appearance. She went beyond the limits to bring those changes in her. In those two decades, she had complete breast implants. She had bleached her hair with blonde extensions. She had 'done' eyelash extensions, botox and lip fillers. She said that the augmentations make her feel confident and comfortable with her looks. She had become a whole new person in their residential block.

1Dawn and her Children

But as she underwent changes Dawn had some clouds to face too. In 2010, with a sparkling nose ring, thick layered makeup, and her overly tanned skin, Dawn Williams agreed that she had “pretty overdone" herself. She said that her kids were mortified by their mother's "Hot" look. They felt embarrassed by their mother's overt look. Dawn agreed that while she was happy and comfortable with her unique lifestyle and 'revealing" looks, her teenage children were not. She said, “I am a mother, first and foremost. I would really like for both my daughter and my son to be proud of me.” And so Dawn Williams voiced her willing to tone down her appearance for the sake of her children and their happiness.  

Dawn Williams

Image Source: www.huffingtonpost.com


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