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Despite Scientific Advancements, Here Are the Reasons Why We Haven’t Found A Cure For Cancer

By Andrew Alpin, 19 March 2018


We have landed on the moon almost five decades ago, we have sequenced the human genome, we have watched celestial bodies in deep space and also very recently acquired signals from the time of the big bang itself. We have found the God particle and created Robotic prostheses that can be controlled by the mind, yet we have not found a cure for cancer.

1Cancer statistics

In the USA alone, 1,688,780 cases were projected in 2017 of which 600,920 were estimated to die from cancer in the same year. In men, the risk of cancer is 20% higher which reveals a lot about lifestyle factors causing the disease. The most common forms of cancer in the USA are breast, prostate, lung, colorectal, and skin cancer where lung cancer is considered the highest killer among all forms of cancer in the USA.

Cancer statistics

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2Reasons why no cure for cancer has been found as yet

Even as we speak scientists have made research-oriented discoveries related to cancer. They have been able to identify 110 genes that increase the risk of breast cancer, perhaps you may have read years ago equally amazing facts about the advancements in cancer treatment yet there is no established cure for cancer. Just last month scientists in Stanford have created a vaccine that proved effective against lung, breast and skin cancer in MICE using stem cells. But will we ever see a dawn of a cancer-free society? The following are the reasons why there is no effective cure for cancer as yet.

why no cure for cancer

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3There are hundreds of different cancers


The answer is doubtful simply because it takes about of logical thinking here. Cancer, unlike other diseases, isn’t exactly one specific disease. It is a term implied to malignancy and degradation of cancerous cells infecting the good cells of the body. The cure for cancer doesn’t lie in the cure itself but rather it lies in the accurate identification of the factors that cause such cells to mutate into cancerous cells. It is timely diagnosis and identification that can cure the disease rather than attempting to cure it when it is too late. Moreover, it involves awareness to dispel all the myths that are projected as cancer miracle cures that can actually do harm than good.

hundreds of different cancers

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4It isn’t just one disease

One of the mina reasons for the reason of no cancer cure is that cancer isn’t just one disease. There are hundreds of different cancers that are characterized by mutated cell growth. All of these arise from different causes like ionizing radiation, viruses, chemicals, diet, lifestyle and low immunity and untreated inflammation. There are different treatments for different types of cancers. Although much progress has been made in cancers like child leukaemia where today the survival rate is 80%, still cancer remains elusive in other forms.

synthetic cells

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