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Stop Making These 10 Common Makeup Mistakes Which Make You Look Older

By Meera Kaushal, 1 January 2018


7Too much Highlighter on your eyebrows

Dark intense colors to highlight or enlarge your eyebrows will make you look unkempt and aged. Use lighter tones than your natural eyebrow color. Remember that over time your eyebrows become sparser which is why you should use the correct tone of highlighter. Use lip balm to groom wild eyebrows. 

Highlighter on your eyebrows

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8Not using corrector

Dark circles are a common problem for many people and as you age the blemishes are more pronounced. Using concealer as mentioned earlier will worsen the problem. Using correcter instead will work wonders especially when you apply it on dark areas and spread it evenly and as thin as possible. 

Not using corrector

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9Not shading your lip lines


A lip pencil is necessary for a good makeup to look defining your mouth outline and making it more appealing. But! Always be careful in trying to make your lips look larger by overdrawing natural lip borders. The lining should be shaded following the direction of the center of your lips or else you’ll end up with the appearance of a moustache instead. 

Not shading your lip lines

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10Powdering your face too much

Among common makeup mistakes, by covering up the oily shine on your face, you also cover up the young glow which happens when your skin reflects light. You can swap your powder for blotting tissue that will not highlight your wrinkles like makeup does. Powdering could be good for covering up some skin defects but you need to apply it in small quantities only. To rid the glistening effect of the T-zone, use rice or light mineral powder. Don’t powder around your eyes as it will make your skin look too dry. If you can’t give up the powdering habit, just dab it lightly on chin and nose. 

Powdering your face too much

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