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Stop Making These 10 Common Makeup Mistakes Which Make You Look Older

By Meera Kaushal, 1 January 2018


3Choosing the wrong lipstick tone

Lipstick can make magic and accentuate your image. You can experiment with rich saturated colors but if you have narrow lips, avoid dark toned lipsticks because they can make your lips look even thinner. To make your lips appear fuller; just overdraw your natural lip line. Pinks and Mauves can highlight your lips making them appear fuller. Applying a swipe of lip gloss will plump them up. Always choose a lip liner that matches your lip color instead of your lipstick to avoid a dark line that makes your lips appear pursed. 

Choosing the wrong lipstick tone

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4The wrong way to apply dark eyeshadow

By applying eyeshadow over the entire lid area, you might just look older. The correct way of applying eyeshadow is to dab the outer corners of the eyes. Also, avoid glittery eyeshadow that will settle into creases and wrinkles highlighting the crinkles on your eyelids. Choose a more flattering matte finish and use shimmer only for the inner corners of your eyes to get a brighter look. 

wrong way to apply dark eyeshadow

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5Overuse of lower lid eyeliner


Dark eyeliner to the bottom lid will make your eyes look smaller while the top liner opens them up. Harsh lines and dark colors may also make your eyelids look heavy. To counter the effect of narrow eyes, use only a light makeup eye pencil which can create openness to your image. Ideally you should apply a soft layer of gray or brown eyeliner to the top outer corner. Then blend this out for a brightening effect. This can be finished by applying mascara only to the top eyelashes. 

Overuse of lower lid eyeliner

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6Applying blush to the wrong area

This is a common makeup mistake. Putting rouge on the apples of your cheeks may have been a good idea when you were young but as skin matures, you need to adapt to the skin changes. So do not choose intense and dark colors but lighter tones like peach or pink. Apply blush to the upper cheek areas and not the apples of your cheeks.

Applying blush to the apples of your cheeks will create an unflattering unnatural circle. But, applying it too far below the cheekbones can also give a sagging appearance. For a more youthful and radiant glow, apply blush lightly along the cheekbone by starting beneath the center of your eye and sweeping upwards. Do not go too close to the nose area and opt for natural mellow tones to make your face look younger. Rouge on your cheekbones gives an uplifting effect.

Applying blush to the wrong area

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