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12 Of The Most Unbelievable CGI Programmings Which Show What These Famous People Looked Like

By KK Angus, 30 March 2018


Forensic facial reconstruction has been around for a very long time and yet it's only now that the technique is being properly used. It was started as a means to identify criminals but now of course the same technique is used to see what famous historical and religious figures looked like. From Jesus to Copernicus, CGI programming cam now rectify anybody.

In earlier days historical figures like Dante would get their own face masks upon their death. The basis for CGI programming is essentially the same as the external outing of a face is put to use.

Let's have a look at what some of the most crucial figure in history look like.


Egyptian Pharaoh's face was one of the most significant ones to have been carried out in the recent past. After the CGI programming people discovered that King Tut doesn't look all that different from his picture in the history books. The cheekbones and the eyes are in fact not that shockingly different but the fact that it resembles so closely to what we knew, is a total science marvel.


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2St Anthony

St Anthony of Padua was a noted physician and in fact, his reconstruction was celebrated in the science world. He had died in 1231 and nobody could ever put a face to St Anthony's accomplishments as they had no idea what he looked like. St Anthony's CGI programming is one of the best in this decade.

St Anthony

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When Jesus’s face was reprogrammed through CGI to discover what he looked like, the world went crazy. What had come out of the process was very unlike the Jesus we had seen in pictures or shows. He wasn't at all tall, lean or pale but in fact he was stout, middle-aged at the time of his reported death and well-built. But even after the reconstruction the world hadn't really warmed up to this picture of Jesus and worships the version that they know.


Image Source: www.kp.md

Jesus's reconstruction, of course, sent waves across Christian communities across the world, and in fact, if there was not enough scientific backing and CGI proof to back up the programming, the discoveries could have been easily disproved.

4Nicolaus Copernicus

The celebrated astronomer was one of the faces the world has been most curious to know about. Especially people in the world of astrophysics have wanted to know what Copernicus looked like, for ages. After the CGI programming, it was revealed that Nicolaus actually had a pale complexion, a long nose and a slim mouth and didn't look at all like what we had expected.

Nicolaus Copernicus

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