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Girl Undergoes Bizarre Surgery of Four Balloons Implanted In Her Face to Remove Large Pre Cancerous Birthmark

By Andrew Alpin, 25 January 2018


Sometimes Mother Nature hands out a raw deal to people and that’s when some have to suffer for that their whole lives. Take for example the humble birthmark. While some may be born with that cute mole or two, others may end up having huge marks right on their faces.

1Doctors diagnosed something horrifying on this girl from China

It’s ok to have a huge birthmark on your body but when you have one on your face, it’s another story altogether. One 23-year-old girl from China was born with a huge mole on her face but when it started hurting her, she was taken to doctors who diagnosed something horrifying. But more than that, she had four large balloons implanted into her face.

Doctors diagnosed something horrifying

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2Born with a rare genetic condition

Xiao Yan 23 was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called congenital melanocytic nevus. The condition is so rare that it affects just 1% of babies around the world. There are many who may be born with a big birthmark but when your entire face is covered by a giant mole, it’s a different story altogether.

Born with a rare genetic condition

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3Four egg sized implants inserted into her face


Xia Yan was made to get four large egg sized balloons implanted into the skin of her face to save her from the condition that could have given her cancer. The bizarre treatment was necessary to help her grow more tissue so that doctors can use that to graft onto her face after the birthmark is removed.

Xia Yan from Longjing Village in Guizhou China suffered from congenital melanocytic nevus that affects one in 500,000 people.  The poor girl was required to live like that with her entire face blown out of proportion and stretched in four different directions just so she could have a new face.

Four egg sized implants

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4Doctors warned she could get cancer

When Xiao was growing up, she knew that she would be different even as doctors worried about her condition. They assumed that it would ultimately turn into a cancerous tumor in future. Her parents were warned that if action wasn’t taken, it may ultimately be too late.

Doctors warned she could get cancer

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