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Beware of the assassin bug as it could be deadly for you and your loved ones!

By Satarupa B, 22 March 2017


A bug’s life is never easy. On another scale though, our lives with bugs in it is not easier either. Right from the usual roaches to the flies, there are so many bugs that make us want to run for cover. Even as you thought that nothing could beat the buzz of the mosquito or the damage of a termite, here is one bigger pain of a bug for you. The assassin bug—also known as kissing bug—is a bigger nuisance than you ever imagined.

1 Why Such A Name?

The name of such a bug comes from the tendency that these insects have for biting around the lips in human beings. In case you are still unaware of the worst that an assassin bug could do, find time to read this!

The Bug Makes Life Worse Indeed  An assassin bug actually sucks the blood of those it bites. They mate during summers or late season of the spring. Assassin bugs are usually said to be attracted to lights that are very bright. Therefore, people who have bright lights in their homes at night in the areas where these bugs are found, need to be careful. In fact, there is a huge probability that an assassin bug will find its way around your mattress and stay put during the day.

Image Source: www.fokuzz.com

2 Look Out For The Bug

An assassin bug can be found across USA. Most parts of the country including New Mexico, California and even Arizona are home to the assassin bug. These places, however, were not the places where these bugs lived originally. The assassin bug was initially found only in the tropical areas down south.

assassin bug1

Image Source: www.wild-facts.com

3 Spot The Bug

The kissing bug is mostly black or dark brown in color and might even have a few red dots on both sides of the back. The shape of the assassin bug mostly is flat and broad. They grow to be half an inch or one inch at the most.

Spot The Bug assassin bug

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