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From Its Beginning to the Present, Here’s How Facebook Changed with Time

By Andrew Alpin, 11 April 2017


4 2007: Facebook open to all 13 years and above

Now Facebook was accessible by anyone above 13. If you had an email address, you could access Facebook. News feed was also launched in 2007.

By 2007, anyone 13 years and older with an email address could access Facebook. This was also the year that the News Feed launched, which meant you could see what all your friends had been doing since the last time you logged in. It seems Facebook has changed over time indeed, Also, remember the bumper sticker craze?

Mark Zuckerberg profile

Image Source: www.tracara.com

5 2008: The all new Facebook

The birth of the new Facebook. A clean menu bar and tabs to separate activity as well as other profile data.

The all new Facebook

Image Source: www.pcmag.com

6 2009: Facebook goes mobile and a new homepage


Once mobile, Social networking was never the same, mobile soared Facebook to new levels. A new homepage and real time news feed also makes an appearance on Facebook and some even disliked it because who wanted to see what a person was constantly doing.

Facebook goes mobile and a new homepage

Image Source: www4.pictures.zimbio.com

7 2010: Facebook conquers the world

Facebook was taking over the world and this is what your new login pages looked like in 2010. This is now what we are familiar with.

Facebook login page

Image Source: www.nirmaltv.com

8 2011: A new makeover

2010 saw a whole new homepage with photos on top of the page. Then in 2011 there was a whole new design. Now you could add your cover photo too. This was the year of the biggest ever change in Facebook, THE TIMELINE” the timeline presumably changed everything and Facebook was never the same again. In 2011, Facebook also enabled video calling.

Facebook profile cover pic

Image Source: www.pcmag.com


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