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Arguments for and Against Abortion You Need to Know

By Kavita Panyam, 1 November 2017


While pregnancy is the most awaited event in many people’s lives, some of them do not make it till the end. Ending a pregnancy needs careful research and solid reasons as the after effects are not too pleasant. Abortion is usually undertaken when the baby has certain genetic defects or the mother’s health does not support the pregnancy. We have compiled a list of pros and cons that speak in favour and against ending a pregnancy. Ultimately, people that are facing the issue need to decide the outcome. We do not offer any advice for or against the act.

1Arguments Against Terminating a Pregnancy

• Abortion must not be considered as a means of birth control. People must take proper precautions to avoid landing in a mess that leaves them having to choose abortion as an option to avoid an unwanted baby/unplanned pregnancy.

Terminating a Pregnancy

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• Abortions can cause infection, sepsis, recurrent miscarriages and death in some cases. 

• It can cause psychological problems in women leading to mental distress. Depression and guilt being the most common ones.

• Most people that opt for abortions are minors and women that do not have sufficient knowledge about its implications.

• No civilized society would ever encourage abortion as an option to avoid giving birth as a matter of fact.

• After opting for an abortion, the chances of complicated pregnancies in future are possible. 

opting for an abortion

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• In cases of rape and incest, proper medical care may ensure no pregnancy. People involved in such cases must seek medical intervention immediately.

• An abortion can lead to medical complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease, the risk of ectopic pregnancies and the like.

• Nearly all abortions happen in the first trimester where the fetus is attached to the placenta and the umbilical cord to the mother. This means that the mother's health is of utmost importance as it nourishes the fetus. If her health is found to be at risk, then an abortion could be a genuine option to save her life.

• Abortion costs money and some people may approach illegal practitioners to get the procedure done at lesser costs, thereby putting their lives at risk.

• Repeated abortions harm the health of the mother both physically and mentally. She may never be able to birth a child due to the resultant complications of the many abortions undertaken.

• Indulging in unsafe physical intimacy can cause tremendous stress to the woman when she realizes that she is pregnant. Even though she may choose to go ahead with the pregnancy, she may neglect taking proper care of herself during the nine months. She may not eat a balanced diet, skip medicines, remain unhygienic etc. The baby might be born with defects or low birth weight, leading to trauma and other psychological issues as it grows. 


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