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8 Oldest Cities In The World That Are Still Inhabited By Humans

By Jatin Sharma, 2 May 2017

Humans began settling at one place in 17000 BC and since then many cities were built and destroyed during the course of history. However, these 8 cities can claim to be the oldest and continuously inhabited cities of the world.

1 Damascus, Syria

Damascus is the capital of Syria and the history of the city goes back to the 10,000-8,000 BC. However, it is continuously recognized as the oldest city to be still inhibited. Damascus was a very important cultural, commercial and administrative center and was a destination for traders and craftsmen. Civilizations like Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic have left their mark on the city. The ancient history, architecture lures thousands of tourists from all over the place each year.

Damascus Syria

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2 Athens, Greece

Athens, capital of Greece is home to 3 million people and is known as the cradle of Western civilization. For 7,000 years, Athens has been continuously inhibited and one can see the impacts of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations on the city. Many great philosophers, writers, artists were born and raised in this city and left their mark on society.

Modern Athens is the cultural, media, educational, political, and industrial center of Greece. One should not miss visiting places like the Parthenon and Port of Piraeus in Athens for their historical value.

Athens Greece

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3 Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem in Israel is known as the holy place for three major religions in the world; Muslims, Jews and Christians and many devotees visit this city year after year. It was founded by David as the capital of Israel in 1010 BCE. Nowadays, Jerusalem is inhibited by more than 800,000 people with 60% of them being Jewish.

In its long history, the city has been besieged 23 times, captured and recaptured 44 times and attacked 52 times. It is currently the center of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Jerusalem israel

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4 Jericho, Palestine

Presently, Jericho is a small city with 20,000 people living in it. However, it is known as the city of Palm trees in the Hebrew Bible and it was inhabited by humans 11,000 years ago. It is located in the middle of Palestine and on the banks of Jordan River, making it an important place for routes and trades. Places to visit in Jerusalem are Tell es-Sultan, Hisham’s Palace, and Shalom al Yisrael Synagogue Mosaic Floor.

Jericho Palestine

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5 Aleppo, Syria

Aleppo is home to 2 million people in Syria. It is situated on the Silk Route that connected Asia to Mediterranean world. Humans inhibited Aleppo 13,000 years ago and it has been constantly inhibited for last 8,000 years. Architecture is influenced by Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans, who controlled Aleppo during the course of history.

Aleppo Syria

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6 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Neolithic excavations have proved that Plovdiv was settled somewhere around the 4,000 BC mark. Originally a Thracian city, Plovdiv saw many civilizations ruling over it. The Bulgarian, Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine empires have left their marks all over the city. It is the significant economic, educational, and cultural center of Bulgaria and the second largest city in the country, since becoming Bulgaria’s part in 1885.

Plovdiv Bulgaria.

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7 Luoyang, China

Luoyang city in China was one of the seven Ancient Capitals of China and is known as the center of trade, culture and education in Ancient China. It has been inhibited for over 4,000 years and has seen many dynasties rule over it. It has been a center for Buddhism in China as the first Buddhist temple was built in Luoyang in 68 AD.

Luoyang China

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8 Varanasi, India

Previously known as Benaras or Banaras, Varanasi is the oldest city in India and one of the holiest places for Hindus and Jains. It is also known as the City of Lights, for it being the education center of India in historic times. Legend says it was founded by Lord Shiva, but archaeologically, the city dates back to 2000 BCE and is recognized as one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

Varanasi India

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