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5 Symbols Whose True Meaning You Would Have Never Guessed

By Jatin Sharma, 19 Apr 2017


Humans have been on this Earth for over 200,000 years and during our evolution, we also developed ways to communicate with each other. One of the first ways of communication was drawing symbols on walls of caves and this was adapted by the Egyptians as well. These symbols and sounds were later developed into languages and written artifacts.

However, we still don’t know the meaning of some symbols that we continue to use in our daily lives and we bring to you 5 such symbols and their real meaning.

1 The Ampersand

Most of us do not know what this ‘&’ symbol is known as. We all know it as the short form for ‘and’. Actually, the symbol is known as Ampersand and it is a conjugation of Latin word ‘et’. Roman emperor Cicero’s personal secretary was the first person to use this symbol and was a part of the English dictionary until it was removed in the 20th century.

The Ampersand

Image Source: www.providr.com

2 Heart symbol


The heart symbol is the go to symbol for today’s generation who love to take millions of selfies. The symbol is also favorite of couples in love and you will find them making this symbol in 9 out of 10 photos they click.

However, the symbol has nothing to do with the shape of real heart. One theory states that the symbol looks like the shape made by two swans ducking their heads together like this.

Heart symbol1

Image Source: www.scimex.org

Swans are known to be loyal to only one partner for life and the shape is seen as the symbol of love by many people in different countries.

Heart symbol

Image Source: www.sogou.com


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