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15 Common Mistakes We Make That Shorten the Life of Our Gadgets

By Andrew Alpin, 22 May 2017


Isn’t it infuriating at times when the Smartphone you were so proud of when it was purchased starts acting up within 6 months? This isn’t really the fault of the gadget but the way we use it. It’s common knowledge that we don’t really care to find out how we should handle such hi-tech devices. Here are mistakes that shorten gadget life and invaluable tips on how to make your devices last longer regardless of it being a Smartphone, tab, desktop or Laptop.

1 Charge your battery more often to make it last longer

Lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries have no memory effect. Phones and tab need to be recharged before they reduce to zero. Several manufacturers will measure a battery’s life by the number of times it shows zero charge of full discharge cycles which ranges between 400-600 cycles. To increase battery life charge it more often. Charge your battery each time the indicator drops to 10-20%, this increases the cycles to 1000-1100. Never keep you battery constantly on charge. An ideal charge is 80%.

how to increase cellphone battery life

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2 Never purchase unsafe cheap batteries


Cheap batteries are unsafe as they do not come with inbuilt controllers. Also never charge your device with non native chargers and USB cords. Moreover, never fall for ultra-fast chargers which claim to charge your battery in under an hour.

Never purchase unsafe cheap batteries

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3 Don’t use bulky protective cases

Bulky cases may make your Smartphone overheat during a long charging session, Always remove the case when charging your phone.

heavy mobile covers

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4 Discharge your phone and laptop battery to 0% every 3 months

Every three months it is advisable to reduce your battery to zero and then again recharge it to 100%, this will get rid of the extremes of discharge or full charge.

Low battery sign

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5 Avoid putting your laptop on your knees

Never work with your laptop on your knees or on the bed. You need to keep the devices ventilation vents open and unobstructed so that it doesn’t overheat. Use a laptop stand that features an inbuilt fan. Lithium ion batteries can’t stand overheating. Never place your device near sunlight or close to a heat source.

Avoid putting your laptop on your knees

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