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10 Inventions put Japan way ahead of the rest of the world

By Arkadeep Deb, 4 March 2017


There is a politically incorrect notion prevalent in the urban society that whatever you claim you can do differently, there is an Asian person who can perform it 10 times better. Well, look at it this way; everything you already own comes with the stamp “Made in China” anyway. Japan, the other nation which is known for eccentric scientific breakthroughs and technological escapades, is home to some out-of-this world inventions! Here are 10 inventions that tell us why Japan is way ahead of the world:

1The Fruit Shape Retainer

Ever been frustrated from losing your grip on that extra juicy and slimy piece of fruit because it is so ridiculously round? Ever been annoyed that the fruit is never going to yield equal pieces? Well then, the fruit shape retainer is what your salad diet needs! The fruit shape retainer is a mold that is capped on the nascent fruit. The fruit grows into the controlled dimensions of the retainer, thus assuming the same shape. So far rectangular containers have been in practice; imagine the culinary creativity other shapes beckon!

The Fruit Shape Retainer

Image Source: www.wordpress.com

2The Butter Grater

You may have grated frozen cheese but grating butter is another ball game all together! However, Japan has come up with a radical new idea for grating butter. Now, waiting for that cube of butter to melt on your toast will not be an issue first thing at breakfast! The grated strings of butter are more convenient for preparations that require the butter to seep through the body of the food, such as popcorn!

The Butter Grater

Image Source: www.img.com

3The Shrimp USB

Love food? Love technology? Why not both?! Japanese tech markets are flooded with USB pen drives that comes in fun packages. One of the most popular and prankish ones is the shrimp USB pen drive that perplexes unsuspecting users who would be surprised to say the least, when you hand them a shrimp when they ask for their files! Imagine the shock and randomness at play when you see a shrimp sticking out of a laptop out of nowhere!

The Shrimp USB

Image Source: www.ggpht.com


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