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10 Brilliant YouTube Tricks We Bet You Never Knew About

By Andrew Alpin, 29 May 2017


In this day and age where social media plays a major role in our lives by way of information and entertainment, can we really do without social media especially YouTube? It is one of the best sites on the internet attracting millions of users daily. While you may be using YouTube constantly, did you know there are several YouTube tricks that can enrich your experience with the world’s favourite web platform? Here are 15 of the best ones.

1 How to create GIFs

Don’t you keep searching for suitable GIF’s to upload and wish you could make one of your own? Well!! Just add the letters GIF at the start of the YouTube URL in your address bar and you will be taken to the YouTube GIF website where you can make your own GIF and even give it a title.

How to create GIFs

Image Source: www.horde.to

2 Finding your favorite artists page


You don’t need to hunt around in the search bar for your artists favorite uploads. Just type # before the artist’s name eg: #Justin Timberlake and all his videos will open for you to choose. Even a playlist of his songs will appear as in most YouTube video lists.

How to find favorite artist on youtube

3 How to find Karaoke tracks

Musixmatch is free app in Chrome that will provide you subtitles for different music videos. The app contains lyrics of more than seven million songs in 32 different languages. Now that’s pretty cool and will be extremely helpful; for your karaoke evening.

How to find Karaoke tracks

Image Source: www.techneate.com

4 How to find which song I splaying in a video

MooMash is one of the best apps that identify any song playing in a YouTube video. Just copy and paste the link in the app and you get your answer. It’s great for locating details of a video you aren’t sure about.

How to find which song playing in a video

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