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15 Healthy Reasons Why Everyone Should Sleep Naked

By Raveena Ashodia, 25 June 2018


6Better air circulation

Our body is covered all day by tight jeans, t-shirts and slinky underwear. At night you can let your body to breathe more by removing everything. Sweat around the body, especially in the covered areas like armpits, joints gives you nothing but bad body odor. Skipping the pajamas and being naked in the bed gives your body a chance to air and getting rid of the odor.

Better air circulation

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7Sleeping in summer is more bearable

Summertime is a tricky time to get some good sleep and if you are not having an air conditioner in your room, a good sleep will be very difficult. But shedding the clothes can help you in getting a good sleep without an air conditioner. The bedroom will be more comfortable. You can even turn the air conditioner off to save a few bucks just by removing your clothes.

Sleeping in summer is more bearable

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8Improved blood circulation


A good blood circulation is important for a healthy body. Even the most comfortable underwear worsens the blood circulation. An increase in the blood circulation not only makes the heart healthy but also the muscles and arteries throughout the body. It also helps the body in promoting the cell growth and organ function. A good blood circulation can be maintained by sleeping naked as it helps the body to rest peacefully.

Improved blood circulation

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9Helps in muscle growth and weight loss

A good sleep is very important to maintain a healthy weight. Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. What happens if you’re not getting close to 8 hours of sleep per night? The hormone called cortisol increase in your blood and this hormone is responsible for storing fat. So, as your cortisol level go up because of lack of sleep, you can gain weight.

muscle growth and weight loss

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10Reduces stress

The hormone called cortisol not only result in weight gain. It leads to a stressful life too. The people who are under stress can have insomnia. Getting a good amount of sleep is very important to reduce the level of stress from the body. Sleeping naked helps the body you have a peaceful sleep and thus it also reduces the level of stress from the body that leads to a healthy life.

Reduces stress

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