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Amazing Discovery in Dental Technology now allows you to grow new tooth in just 9 weeks

By Afsana Khatoon, 1 August 2017

It seems there is no limit to the amazing field of stem cell technology. As science and medical research continues to soar past barriers of disease, it is the same with replacement of limbs through transplants and now finally teeth.

Say goodbye to the era of dental implants because stem cell technology has changed all that. Now you can grow new teeth in nine weeks using stem cells and that is an incredible achievement.

1 Dental Experts Achieve the Unthinkable. Say Goodbye to Dental Implants

Of course one must merit the technology surrounding dental implants. Titanium screw implants have made life easier for many suffering the loss of permanent teeth. Dental implants have no doubt been useful but soon this too will be a thing of the past. No longer will you need to insert a screw into your gums; you can just grow back your own tooth.

This fantastic discovery has been made by a group of dental experts who have achieved the unthinkable in the development and progress of dental implant technology. The new technology will enable people to grow new teeth through natural means.

Dental Experts Achieve the Unthinkable

Image Source: www.columbia.edu

2 Path Breaking Discovery By Famous Dental Expert Professor Jeremy Mao

The path breaking discovery was the result of dental stem cell research led by Doctor Jeremy Mao who is the professor of dental medicine at Columbia university medical center. The technology allows the regeneration of a new tooth with a patients DNA.

The process involves the construction of a three dimensional scaffold infused with a growth factor upon which the stem cells are directed. The research in Columbia University is one of its kind where the stem cells once colonized around the scaffold can then develop into a new tooth merging with oral tissue surrounding it. From onset of implantation, you can grow new teeth in nine weeks.

Discovery By Famous Dental Expert Professor Jeremy Mao

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3 Grow a new tooth directly in your gum cavity

The stem cell tooth will not required to be grown externally in a Petri dish but be directly introduced into the oral cavity relying on the body’s own natural resources for regeneration. What is achieved is natural and anatomically correct teeth.

Recovery time for the natural implant will take much less time than the present day implantation process and above all it will be your own natural teeth grown back again. Now that is something truly remarkable.

The stem cell tooth

Image Source: www.scienceburger.com

4 Stem Cell Implantation Will Make Conventional Implants Redundant

The new stem cell implantation will reduce the need for conventional dental implants which are prone to several negative factors such as falling out due to various realignments of the jaw bone and cavity due to ageing.

Moreover dental implants have several health issues associated with them such as damage of the surrounding material. The porcelain covering of a cap can easily break. Dental implants can never be remodeled and a patient will keep requiring new procedures. With the new stem cell technology which allows you to grow teeth in nine weeks, these issues will be a redundant thing of the past.

Stem Cell Implantation

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