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This girl decided to remove an old zit from her aunt’s skin; she never imagined what she found in the hole

By Apurwa Anand, 3 March 2017


Everyday, we see a lot of unusual and weird things happening around us. Some of them left us shocked and some made us realize that anything is possible to happen in this world. Continue reading to know the story of a girl that noticed something on her aunt’s skin, and never imagined what would come out of it.

1Old and giant zit

Did you ever imagine what an old zit look like? In the case of Aunt Grace, it looked like a giant hole with dark matter inside. Aunt Grace had the zit on her back for more than 20 years. This zit was located in the area which Aunt Grace could not see. One day, one of her family members saw the large lump and they decided to take the zit out without consulting a doctor.

 Old and giant zit

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2Eye of the needle

The family decided to operate the zit without visiting a doctor. Aunt Grace’s niece took the responsibility to extract what was inside the hole. No surgical tools were used to extract what was inside. She used a pair of tweezers and the eye of the needle to remove the black material from the hole.

 Removing the blackhead

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3Thick Lump


Aunt Grace’s zit was like the tip of the proverbial iceberg. When her niece squeezed all around the opening, a fiber-like material popped out from the hole. See this image to know how much larger it is under the surface.

 Thick Lump

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According to one of her family members, when Aunt Grace’s niece started to remove what was inside Grace’s back, a fiber-like black material popped out from the hole.

 removing an old zit

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They took out the black fiber material from the hole on Aunt Grace’s back. They found a large, marble-sized chunk that appeared to be a 20-year-old ingrown hair.

removing ingrown hair

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