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14 Ways to Get Rid Of Leg Cramps, and Prevent Them from Returning Back

By Andrew Alpin, 26 June 2018


10Toe stretches

If you’re having toe cramps, toe stretches can help a lot, although it is similar to calf stretches, it can help in preventing cramps too. Stand on a raised platform or on a flat ground either on your toes or only your feet. Now, slowly rise up on your toes and hold this position for 10 seconds and then go back to start. Repeat this 30 times or until you feel better.

Toe stretches

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11Quadriceps muscle stretch

This exercise will help you get rid of cramps in the quadriceps muscle area. Stand straight next to a chair and hold it with one hand for support. Now, fold the affected leg from the knee in a backward position and using your free hand, bring it to the level of your hips. Repeat this till the cramp goes away.

Quadriceps muscle stretch

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12Epsom Salt


The best way to increase magnesium is by having a bath with Epsom salts. Some bodies have the ability to absorb more calcium, not from eating, but the pores in their skin. An Epsom salts bath can also relax your muscles to avoid getting cramps and muscle pain. It even relives many spasms and improves nerve function.

Epsom Salt

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Our bodies have certain pressure points which require special attention. Applying pressure on these points can provide relief from cramps faster. Cramps usually occur when there is too much stress on a particular muscle. Acupressure helps relieve the stress thus relieving the pain. There is one pressure point located between the big and second toe. There is also one situated between the upper lip and the nose, (just one-third of the distance away from the nose.)


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14 Stretch before and after you exercise

It is necessary to stretch and do warm-ups before exercising for our body to prepare for an intense workout. Stretching and warm-ups actually help in loosening up the muscles and increasing blood flow for muscle oxygenation.

Stretch before and after you exercise

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