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14 Ways to Get Rid Of Leg Cramps, and Prevent Them from Returning Back

By Andrew Alpin, 26 June 2018


5Massage to prevent cramps

When the supply of blood is decreased to a muscle leading to a decrease in oxygen and minerals it causes the muscle to cramp. Muscles can be relaxed and the blood flow can be restored by massaging the legs and relaxing the muscles. Massaging increases circulation and oxygenates muscles thus preventing muscle cramps. Massaging your legs which are most prone to muscle cramps before you sleep is a good idea.

Massage to prevent cramps

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6Hot and cold compresses

When you’re having a muscle cramp, you can put a hot pad or hot compress on it. This will increase blood flow and relax the muscle. For decreasing swelling and numbing the affected area, you can use an ice pad, or alternatively, apply a hot and cold compress. Migraines, diabetes and other medical conditions causing leg numbness cannot be cured by this treatment in which case you should consult a doctor.

Hot and cold compresses

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7Avoid prolonged sitting


Sitting all day and a sedentary lifestyle leads to under-conditioned muscles which are more prone to muscle cramps. If you are constantly sitting in one position at work, you should standup at regular intervals and walk, it will prevent muscle cramps. Exercising can also prevent cramps and improve your cardiovascular health.

Avoid prolonged sitting

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8Towel stretches

Stretching your muscles is very helpful when you’re having leg cramps. Using a scarf, towel or necktie and stretching your legs with your toes pointing up is one of the most useful methods for reducing cramps. Stretch the towel with your two feet and hold each end in different hands. With the cramped leg, stretch the towel and raise your leg, it will decrease the cramp.

Towel stretches

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9Stair calf stretches

The stair calf stretch is one exercise which can help you anywhere when you’re having a cramp. Place your feet on the bottom stairs with your heels extended slightly over the edge.

Slowly start moving your weight from one foot to the other. Lower your heel as close to the floor as possible and then stretch by applying pressure. When you feel your calves stretching, hold the position for at least 30 seconds.

Stair calf stretches

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