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10 Little-Known Ways to Solve Common Beauty Problems At Home


Beauty blogs have invaded the internet, there seems to be several self-help tutorials on YouTube or a blog on the net for every conceivable beauty treatment as well as beauty tips and tricks. In the US alone almost 50% of women watch beauty blogs and nearly 34% emulate the tips and advice. With so much information everywhere, you might think there is nothing left to know. But this is where we can prove you wrong! Here is a list of lesser known remedies for common beauty and hygiene issues which plague young women all across the globe. So get ready to be surprised.

1Avocado to tame frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is a bane for any type of hair and no matter how much you style, it completely ruins the look. There’s no need to worry as that avocado in your lunch box will solve your frizz problem too. Now all you need to do is to mash an avocado with some yogurt and apply to your hair as a mask for 45 minutes, at least twice a week. Avocado contains useful vitamins for hair repair, while yogurt is a good natural conditioner. Yogurt can be substituted with mayonnaise as well.


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2Remove stains from your nails with baking soda and lemon

Nails are a reflection of your inner health and if it turns yellow and brittle, it means something is wrong with us. Your nails can turn a nasty yellow for various reasons such as excessive smoking, toxic cosmetics like cheap nail polish, liver disorders, poor lifestyle, and bad dietary choices and sleep pattern or even fungal infection. While the internal health factors can be dealt with by consulting your doctor, the external health of your nails can be improved with some simple homemade remedies.


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Here’s what to do

Mix some lemon and soda which have bleaching properties to exfoliate the skin. Make a thick paste and add a half a tsp of olive oil. Now apply this mixture with a soft toothbrush on your nails and leave for 5 minutes. Repeat the process every 2 weeks for best results. Don’t be surprised by the skin brightening as well, since lemon is a natural bleaching agent.


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3Activated charcoal to whiten teeth

Yes you read it right…charcoal! No need to be grossed out as it can actually help whiten your teeth like no other toothpaste has ever done. Just crush one tablet of activated charcoal, add a bit of water and mix it to make a paste. Brush your teeth gently with this paste and rinse out after 3 minutes. Since charcoal can be too harsh on your teeth enamel you can repeat this process may be once in 2 months or better still get a toothpaste with charcoal as an ingredient which can be used daily without fear.


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4Black lentils to treat split ends

Split ends mean disaster for any lady who loves to have long lustrous hair and wants to grow them. But once you notice those nasty split ends, it’s over. Well, there is no need to press the panic button. Rather than making hasty salon appointments and wasting a lot of money, you can try this simple homemade technique to get rid of the split ends.


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How to do it

Black lentils are the answers…yes its true. Grind a half cup of black lentils and add one tbsp of fenugreek seeds, add some yogurt to the mixture and make a thick hair mask. Now apply this mask to your hair and wash it off with warm water after an hour.


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5Remove Calluses with Aspirin

If you are an athlete or your work requires a lot of walking, you are bound to be inflicted with leg calluses which are irritating, painful and downright stinky. Now aspirin, the pill which every household keeps for headaches is surprisingly good for treating foot fungus too. It contains salicylic acid as its main metabolite which cures the problem.


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How to do it

Crush 4 tablets of aspirin into a powder and mix it with lime juice and some water. Now apply this paste on the calluses and cover the surface with a towel. Keep for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with water. Gently dry your feet and repeat the process twice a week.


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6You can use strawberry paste to treat razor burns

Accept it, 90% of young ladies are too lazy or busy to go to a beauty parlor for a proper wax and we end up with our handy female razors to do the trick. But there is a downside to it. It leaves razor cuts and bumps which are painful and sometimes even bloody. So what do you do?

You can use strawberry paste to treat razor burns

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The solution

Simply mash some strawberries with sour cream and apply directly to the razor burns for at least 10-15 minutes. The anti-inflammatory properties along with anti-oxidants present in strawberry juice work wonders. Also, the minerals and vitamin C in strawberries help in faster recovery and pain removal.


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7Potatoes for treating stretch marks

Stretch marks usually appear during pregnancy, or after sudden weight loss or during adolescence. If visible it does look good at all. Unfortunately, it’s quite common and does not usually go away after repeated application of medications, creams or ointments. But there is a remedy right under your very nose and that’s potato.

How to do it

Yes, potato juice has important vitamins and minerals which promote growth and restoration of skin cells. It can help the marks fade away gradually. Cut potatoes in slices and rub the slices against the mark for several minutes. Let it dry and then you can rinse it off with water. It won’t be a magic cure but it will make it less visible gradually.

8Spoons to remove eye bags

In order to tighten your puffy eye bags and remove those morning swollen eyes, just place cold metal spoons on your eyes for ten minutes and lie down and relax. After 10 minutes you will feel refreshed and can apply your makeup easily. Now you do not need cucumbers, tea bags or even potato slices anymore.

9Honey to heal chapped lips

It’s not just the winter months which causes ugly chapped lips but any time of the year in a dry atmosphere. The dryness of your air-conditioned rooms can also cause chapped lips. Apart from that even allergies and the habit of open-mouthed breathing can cause chapped lips too. Instead of wasting money on costly lip balms and creams, use honey.

Honey is a traditional lip balm used over centuries by various civilizations such as Egypt, China, and Africa. It has amazing moisturizing and healing properties. You can apply it raw or mixed with some lemon juice and sugar as a scrub before bedtime. You can also combine honey with cream and rose petals as a lip mask.

Honey to heal chapped lips

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10 Lemon with honey to treat acne

We all know that lemon has anti-bacterial properties which are why it is good for acne. To further increase its antiseptic properties, combine lemon with honey, make it into a mask and apply the mask twice a week. Apart from acne reduction, you’ll notice this concoction reduces wrinkles and makes your skin appear fresh and supple.

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