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10 Little-Known Ways to Solve Common Beauty Problems At Home



Beauty blogs have invaded the internet, there seems to be several self-help tutorials on YouTube or a blog on the net for every conceivable beauty treatment as well as beauty tips and tricks. In the US alone almost 50% of women watch beauty blogs and nearly 34% emulate the tips and advice. With so much information everywhere, you might think there is nothing left to know. But this is where we can prove you wrong! Here is a list of lesser known remedies for common beauty and hygiene issues which plague young women all across the globe. So get ready to be surprised.

1Avocado to tame frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is a bane for any type of hair and no matter how much you style, it completely ruins the look. There’s no need to worry as that avocado in your lunch box will solve your frizz problem too. Now all you need to do is to mash an avocado with some yogurt and apply to your hair as a mask for 45 minutes, at least twice a week. Avocado contains useful vitamins for hair repair, while yogurt is a good natural conditioner. Yogurt can be substituted with mayonnaise as well.


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2Remove stains from your nails with baking soda and lemon

Nails are a reflection of your inner health and if it turns yellow and brittle, it means something is wrong with us. Your nails can turn a nasty yellow for various reasons such as excessive smoking, toxic cosmetics like cheap nail polish, liver disorders, poor lifestyle, and bad dietary choices and sleep pattern or even fungal infection. While the internal health factors can be dealt with by consulting your doctor, the external health of your nails can be improved with some simple homemade remedies.


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Here’s what to do


Mix some lemon and soda which have bleaching properties to exfoliate the skin. Make a thick paste and add a half a tsp of olive oil. Now apply this mixture with a soft toothbrush on your nails and leave for 5 minutes. Repeat the process every 2 weeks for best results. Don’t be surprised by the skin brightening as well, since lemon is a natural bleaching agent.


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3Activated charcoal to whiten teeth

Yes you read it right…charcoal! No need to be grossed out as it can actually help whiten your teeth like no other toothpaste has ever done. Just crush one tablet of activated charcoal, add a bit of water and mix it to make a paste. Brush your teeth gently with this paste and rinse out after 3 minutes. Since charcoal can be too harsh on your teeth enamel you can repeat this process may be once in 2 months or better still get a toothpaste with charcoal as an ingredient which can be used daily without fear.


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