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You’ll Never Believe How Tattoos Transform Over Years

By KK Angus, 3 May 2018


Getting a tattoo is risky business, and it’s not all about looking cool. Yes, a tattoo is a statement and an expression of self but tattoos fade over years, and not all tattoos sustain the same way. Depending on time, skin, and various other factors, tattoos change the way they look when it is first inked. Nobody is discouraging you to get inked obviously but you must be aware of all the aftermaths of getting a tattoo.

The thing with tattoos is that you might get black and white ones or colored ones but they just don’t stay as sharp as the years pass. Especially as you age and your skin sags your tattoos will also be affected. Just look at any of your favourite rocker over 50 and you’ll know. We did some research as to how tattoos look as time passes by. We found that tattoos fade and look somewhat tacky. Sometimes parts of tattoos get rubbed off and look like you got an incomplete tattoo or got a really bad artiste to do yours. So, here’s what happens to tattoos as they age.

1Snakes shine no more

This twisted snake tattoo is a classic example of how tattoos fair over time. This tattoo seems to have lost all it fierceness in just three years. Notice how the colours can’t be distinguished anymore and three years later you can’t even tell the snakes apart and people probably won’t even know what the design really is.

Snakes shine no more

Image Source: www.sopitas.com

2Who could have foreseen this?

The tattoo below is one of the most stunning tattoos ever drawn but notice how the colors faded and rubbed off over years. The tattoo noticeably didn’t get affected by skin sagging but the colors were just not sustainable enough and might have been a hurried job.

faded tattoo

Image Source: Interesno.cc

3Think twice before getting whole tats


Full-arm tattoos are the riskiest ones. For starters, when they eventually fade away, your entire arm ends up looking quite bizarre. Yes, you can retouch them but the design won’t be the same and most people don’t bother retouching tattoos. This arm tattoo, for example, has started getting worse for wear in just two years and has ended up looking unfortunate.

Full-arm tattoos

Image Source: thunderdungeon.com

4The tattoo which lost all air

The tattoo below was astonishingly colorful and was quite rare when it was first inked, especially owing to its use of so many colors. But over the years the marvelous colors faded as did the contrast, and you can almost can’t tell the red from the blue anymore.

tattoo which lost all air

Image Source: fanpage.gr

5The Chakra tattoo

The chakra tattoo is one of the most intensely drawn tattoos ever and has a stellar use of monochrome but as you can see over the years not only did the colour rub off but the pattern is not discernible anymore.

The Chakra tattoo

Image Source: www.angeltattooz.com


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