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15 Famous People Who Lost Their Babies at Birth

By Andrew Alpin, 25 April 2018


11Michelle Duggar


Michelle Duggar the star of "19 Kids and Counting" was unfortunate to have a stillborn daughter in 2011. The girl was to be named Jubilee. But!!Believe it or not, she has 19 more children choosing not to use contraception because of her religious beliefs. 

Michelle Duggar

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12Linda Evangelista


Supermodel Linda Evangelista gave birth to a stillborn child in 1990. However, she was blessed with a son in 2006 whom she named Augustin. 

Linda Evangelista

Image Source: wmagazine.com

13Marianne Faithful


Popular singer Marianne Faithful was also unfortunate enough to have stillborn daughter in 1968. She again gave birth to a boy Nicholas in 1965. 

Marianne Faithful

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14Amanda Holden


Reality show judge Amanda Holden had a stillbirth in 2011 but she went on to have two daughters Lexi in 2006 and Hollie in 2012. 

Amanda Holden

Image Source: .independent.ie

15Charlie Chaplin


Charlie Chaplin had a son in 1919 named Norman Spencer Chaplin. The boy sadly died after three days. 

Charlie Chaplin

Image Source: www.biography.com


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