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Remember Carmen From Spy Kids? Well This Is How She Looks Now and It’s Amazing

By Andrew Alpin, 27 May 2017

Sometimes we tend to forget about those child stars that fascinated us in movies we loved as kids. Take spy skids for instance. Spy kids came out almost 16 years ago and even extended into a sequel in 3D but the main attraction was the child star Alexa Vega who played everyone’s favorite hero Carmen Cortez. But if that little girl is still etched in your memory then your jaws are going to drop looking at her now because Alexa Vega has turned into a big bombshell.

1 Alexa Vega isn’t the little girl of Spy Kids anymore

Alexa Vega isn’t so little anymore. Even Antonio Banderas who played her father wouldn’t recognize her if he walked past her today. She’s hot and she’s a multitalented singer and actress who even does her own stunts. Alexa lives in Miami Florida and this is what she looked like in her Spy Kids days. After seeing this you won’t believe what Alexa Vega looks like now.

Alexa Vega in Spy kids

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2 Vega spent the first four years of her life on a ranch in Ocala, Florida

Vega later moved with her family to California where she finally found Hollywood. Her Father is of Colombian heritage and her Mom Gina Rue is an American model. Vega isn’t an only child having six siblings including Mackenzie Vega, her sister who is also an actress.

Alex Vega at young age

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3 Just take a look at what she looks like now

Ok, fast forward to 12 years and here’s what Alexa looked like in 2013. As you can see she looks a stunner in this red dress and she’s gorgeous. Alexa is definitely not a little girl anymore and time truly flies.

Alexa Vega

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4 Alexa played Carmen Cortez the child action hero in Spy kids

For those who haven’t seen Spy Kids, It was a great movie about two married spies forced to reveal their occupation to their kids. When the couple is kidnapped by the kid’s show host Fegan Floop, Carmen Cortez (Alexa Vega) and her movie brother gear up to save their parents. Carmen and her sibling Juni are then given spy training. Vega was even nominated for a Young Artist award for her performance in the film.

Alexa played child action hero spy kids

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5 A singer and an actress

Today we bet you won’t recognize her as she is the ultimate gorgeous babe on the red carpet. She has all the makings of a Hollywood starlet. Vega has appeared in a number of films including “sleepover” “innocent” and “Machete Kills’

Alexa Vega ultimate gorgeous

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6 Alexa is mesmerizing

Vega is definitely not the little girl who mesmerized us with her cute looks and action on Spy Kids. Well she still seems to love playing an action star as she does her own stunts. Her Hollywood roles have changed over the years and the little girl from Spy Kids has turned into a butterfly and a beautiful woman.

Alexa is mesmerizing

7 She first married in 2010

Alexa even married Sean Covel in 2010 but the couple divorced in 2012. She married again in 2014 to a man named carols Pena Jr and hopefully the couple will stay happily married. In 2015, Alexa competed in reality show “Dancing with the Stars”.

Alexa married Sean Covel in 2010

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8 A huge hit as Carmen Cortez but a bigger hit at 16

As reports say, When she was 16, she asked Spy Kids director Robert Rodriguez for a car and a range rover too so that she could drive her fur sisters around. Rodriguez actually gave her one, can you beat that? After all it was her fame moment as she stood out among all the characters as Carmen Cortez. This is her at 24.

Alexa Vega at age 16

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9 Vega has successfully broken out of the cute girl image

According to Vega, if she wasn’t an actress she would love to be a neonatal nurse which is something she would definitely give up Hollywood for. All said and done, Vega has successfully broken out of cute girl Cortez image something tough to do for child stars who get stereo typed in that particular image. Alexa on the other hand has successfully managed to establish a career as an adult.

Beautiful alexa vega

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10 Vega does all of her own stunts too

As Carmen Cortez, Vega was projected as the gutsy action loving girl with her death defying ability and athletic prowess. Vega still has that going strong as she loves doing her own stunts too.

Alexa Vega photoshoot

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11 She has also overcome a lot of personal struggles

Vega fought bulimia and pulled through. She has even done several stunts to raise money against child molestation and woman abuse such as jumping out of a plane. You could say the star is also a hero in real life too.

Today Alexa Vega is worth $12.5 million but can easily live off her royalties from the Spy kids movies and after all she is also married to a movie producer so it’s doubtful she’ll ever be in any financial trouble.

alexa Vega fought bulimia

Image Source: www.inquisitr.com

12 She is now a proud mom

Alexa Vega is now a proud mom having delivered her baby boy Ocean on December 7th 2016. She has withstood the scrutiny of Hollywood, established herself as a great actress, a fantastic human being and is now living a happy life in the new role of a super mom with a baby spy skid of her own. So that’s how Alexa Vega looks like now and even as a mom she is just as gorgeous if not more.

Alexa Vega with her baby

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