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15 Famous People Who Lost Their Babies at Birth

By Andrew Alpin, 25 April 2018


6Lily Allen


Lily Allen contracted a bad infection in 2010 which affected her pregnancy causing a stillbirth at six months. Later she gave birth to two daughters Ethel in 2011 and Marne in 2003.

Lily Allen

Image Source: stereogum.com

7Gary Barlow


The popular British singer Gary Barlow and his wife Dawn Andrews were unfortunate to suffer a stillborn child in 2012 whom they had name Poppy. The couple now has three children, Daniel, Emily and Daisy. 

Gary Barlow

Image Source: aboutmanchester.co.uk

8Ricky Schroeder


Andrea Bernard, the wife of Ricky Schroeder delivered a stillborn child in 2004. However, moving on, they also have four children Holden, Luke, Cambridge and Faith.

 Ricky Schroeder

Image Source: hitberry.com

9Kelly Brook


Kelly Brook, the famous model and actress also suffered a stillbirth in 2011. 

Kelly Brook

Image Source: .wikimedia.org

10Measha Brueggergosman


This Canadian singer was expecting twins who were both stillborn in 2011. That was a double tragedy in a single go. Fortunately, she had another child, son Shepherd in 2012.

Measha Brueggergosman

Image Source: www.rmoutlook.com


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